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Petition to 'Impeach Nancy Pelosi for Treason' Exceeds Target of 100k Signatures

White House expected to respond to calls for impeachment against Democratic leader

 on 30th January 2019 @ 7.00pm
a white house petition calling for nancy pelosi s impeachment has gone viral  exceeding its target © press
A White House petition calling for Nancy Pelosi's impeachment has gone viral, exceeding its target

A "We the People" petition to "impeach Nancy Pelosi for crimes of treason" has gone viral, far exceeding its target of 100,000 signatures.

As Neon Nettle reported on Monday, the campaign calls for the Democratic House speaker's impeachment and began gathering momentum over the weekend.

Since then, the petition snowballed, and at the time of press, has skyrocketed past its goal to reach 130,000 signatures, and climbing.

As per the rules, the petition needed "100,000 signatures by February 17, 2019, to get a response from the White House," which it met in just 11 days time after it was launched on January 18.

The viral petition has come in response to a growing number of frustrated citizens who believe that Nancy Pelosi, and other senior Democrats, are putting their ongoing anti-Trump campaign ahead of the needs of the American people.

while nancy pelosi has been focused on impeaching president trump  citizens have been rallying fo her own impeachment © press
While Nancy Pelosi has been focused on impeaching President Trump, citizens have been rallying fo her own impeachment

The petition was created by a citizen who identifies only as “M.G.,”  and it accuses Pelosi of being a traitor who puts the interests of illegal immigrants before those of Americans.

The “We the People” petitioning system on the White House website was launched by the Obama administration.

For every petition that gathered more than 100,000 signatures within 30 days, an official response from the White House is promised.

The Pelosi petition soared past its goal in just 11 days.

Impeach Nancy Pelosi

In the petition's description, the author blames the San Francisco Democrat for the recent partial government shutdown.

It cited Pelosi's refusal to negotiate terms for funding for border security with President Trump, causing many federal employees to work without pay for over a month.

“Illegal aliens are enemies that invade our country with drugs, human trafficking, and terrorist causing death and crime to American citizens,” the petition explains. 

“Nancy Pelosi adheres to these enemies by voting for and providing them aid and comfort through Sanctuary policies funded by US citizen tax dollars, and refuses to protect American people by refusing to fund our border wall, leaving our borders open and unsafe.”

The petition concludes with, “IMPEACH Pelosi for treason!”

nancy pelosi is accused of putting the democrats  anti trump campaign before the needs of the american people © press
Nancy Pelosi is accused of putting the Democrats' anti-Trump campaign before the needs of the American people

A growing number of Democrats is turning on Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to support President Trump on his proposed border wall after the disagreement led to the partial government shutdown.

Dems are publicly taking positions against Pelosi’s opposition to a wall along the U.S. Southern Border as Trump considers an emergency declaration to build the wall with executive authority.

One Democrat, Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI), even said Pelosi needs to “get in the damn room” with Trump and negotiate to fund the wall.

Pelosi has been accused of putting her anti-Trump campaign before the needs of the American people by politicizing the situation at the Southern Border.

You can view and sign the Nancy Pelosi petition HERE.

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