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Hillary Claims Clinton Foundation is Victim of ‘False Accusations’

HRC says charity was hit by 'baseless assaults'

 on 28th January 2019 @ 5.00pm
hillary says her clinton foundation was  attacked  by  false accusations  and  baseless assaults © press
Hillary says her Clinton Foundation was 'attacked' by 'false accusations' and 'baseless assaults'

Hillary Clinton has declared that her charitable organization, the Clinton Foundation, was the victim of "false accusations" and "baseless assaults."

In an email sent out to her supporters, without mentioning names, Hillary said her "global charity was dragged into a political mud fight" by "people with an axe to grind."

While asking for people to sign up for the Foundation's email list, Clinton said the organization is "undeterred" by attempts to "undermine the work by attacking them."

The Clinton Foundation was set up by former President Bill Clinton and is now also run by daughter Chelsea, who acts as Vice Chair of the Board.

hillary claims the clinton foundation was  attacked  by  people with an axe to grind  but didn t mention names © press
Hillary claims the Clinton Foundation was 'attacked' by 'people with an axe to grind' but didn't mention names

According to Breitbart, in a blast email sent via her Onward Together organization, Clinton asked users to also sign up for the Clinton Foundation email list:

I am so proud of the impact the Clinton Foundation has made. When I ran for president, this top-rated global charity was dragged into a political mud fight.
In the two years since, people with an axe to grind have continued to try to undermine its work by attacking them and making false accusations.
But the Foundation has continued to help people across America and around the world, undeterred by these baseless assaults.I’m inspired by this steadfast dedication to improve lives.
There are real issues in society needing attention that the people of the Clinton Foundation work hard to solve every day.
Despite the attacks, they are staying focused on what really matters.

“Join with me in resisting the vitriol. Sign up today and get involved in work that matters,” Clinton wrote.

She then links to the email sign-up form for the Clinton Foundation.

the clinton foundations is run by all three clintons  with bill and chelsea both sitting on the board of directors © press
The Clinton Foundations is run by all three Clintons, with Bill and Chelsea both sitting on the board of directors

The two-time presidential candidate hyped a “post-disaster recovery” meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative to be hosted this week in San Juan, Puerto Rico by Bill and Chelsea Clinton.

“Making a difference in people’s lives takes hard work, leadership, and resources,” added Clinton.

“Now more than ever, we need your support to help the Clinton Foundation continue its impact. Join us and together we can continue to help change lives.”

The blast email was signed, “Sincerely, Hillary.”

Clinton did not specify exactly which alleged “false accusations” and “baseless assaults” against the Clinton Foundation she was referring to.

The foundation faced controversy over its acceptance of multi-million dollar contributions from foreign governments while Clinton was Secretary of State, including donations from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Qatar.

One point of contention revolved around $2.35 million donated to the Clinton Foundation by the family foundation of the chairman of Uranium One, the firm in which the Russian state-owned Rosatom company took a majority stake in a deal approved by Clinton’s State Department.

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