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US Marine Corps: Nathan Phillips is NOT a Vietnam War Veteran

USMC confirms Native American agitator served as refrigerator technician in the reserves

 on 24th January 2019 @ 5.20pm
the us marine corps has confirmed nathan phillips is not a vietnam war vet © press
The US Marine Corps has confirmed Nathan Phillips is not a Vietnam War vet

When Native American activist Nathan Phillips was falsely labeled as a Vietnam War veteran by the mainstream media, it only further compounded the narrative that he was victimized during the now-infamous confrontation with the "MAGA Teens" from Covington Catholic School.

After it was revealed that the initial viral videos of the encounter were framed promote an anti-Trump agenda, with an unedited video showing that Phillips was actually the agitator during the incident, the Native Amerian elder's story that propped us the original version of events has slowly crumbled.

One of the main focal points for the liberal media's coverage of the confrontation with students from the Kentucky high school over the weekend was that Phillips was a Vietnam War hero after he described himself as a "recon ranger" and a "Vietnam times vet."

It has later transpired however that Phillips words were twisted, however, and the Marine Corps confirmed Wednesday that he never served in the Vietnam War and wasn't deployed overseas.

nathan phillips shot to fame after the viral confrontation with the  maga teens  last weekend © press
Nathan Phillips shot to fame after the viral confrontation with the 'MAGA Teens' last weekend

According to Fox News, Phillips, then known as Nathaniel R. Stanard, served in the Marine Corps Reserve for four years before leaving in 1976 with the rank of private.

During his time in the Marine Reserve, he was a refrigerator technician and anti-tank missileman.

The 64-year-old Phillips gained a national spotlight when he was featured singing and playing a drum while standing face-to-face with Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann.

Phillips later explained that he was trying to intervene between the students and a group of black street preachers who were shouting racist insults at both the Native Americans and the white kids.

Numerous media outlets, including The Washington Post and Detroit Free Press, described Phillips as a Vietnam War veteran in reports on the confrontation over the weekend.

The Post corrected its report, noting the correct length of Phillips' military service and his lack of deployments.

The Free Press added an editor's note to its initial story that read: "It is unclear if former U.S. Marine Nathan Phillips served in the Vietnam War, as originally stated in this article. The Free Press has reached out to Phillips in order to clarify that information."

Phillips was attending the Indigenous Peoples March in Washington on Friday.

That march coincided with the March for Life, which the Covington students were attending.

the us marine corps confims that nathan phillips was never deployed to vietnam and served as a refrigerator technician in the reserves © press
The US Marine Corps confims that Nathan Phillips was never deployed to Vietnam and served as a refrigerator technician in the reserves

The Covington students, some of whom wore Trump supporters' trademark red "Make America Great Again" hats, were initially criticized for appearing to mock Phillips, but the emergence of a video showing them being harassed has prompted a widespread re-examination of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Phillips told The Associated Press in an interview published Sunday that some students were disparaging Native Americans.

"These young people were just roughshodding through our space, like what's been going on for 500 years here," he said.

"Just walking through our territories, feeling like 'this is ours.'"

Phillips has since offered to visit the school and lead a dialogue about cultural understanding.

Sandmann told NBC's "Today" show Wednesday that he'd like to speak with Phillips as well.

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