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Woman Wants to Teach 8-year-old Children How to Masturbate: Parents Outraged

Liberal behavioral expert says declares her desire to teach children masturbation

 on 18th January 2019 @ 8.00pm
liberal behavioral expert says declares her desire to teach children masturbation © press
Liberal behavioral expert says declares her desire to teach children masturbation

A sexual behavioral expert has sparked outrage after appearing on prime time TV in the UK declaring she wants to teach 8-year-old school children how to masturbate.

Kate Dawson appeared on British TV show This Morning where she claimed how works with children to start conversations around the issue that make young people comfortable with their own bodies.

The shows tag line - ‘should eight-year-olds be taught masturbation,’ Kate said: ‘I normally wouldn’t work with children as young as eight. Generally, it’d be around 11 years old, but in primary schools.

‘Most of my work is in secondary schools, but when we do work in primary schools, I think it’s really important to start talking about how it’s normal to explore your own body in a private space, if that’s something you want to do, and that it can feel nice.

behavioral expert kate dawson appeared on british tv show this morning © press
Behavioral expert Kate Dawson appeared on British TV show This Morning

‘It’s because we’re meeting a lot of young girls, particularly who are disgusted by their genitalia. We do this activity where we show a very realistic kind of illustration of the vulva and the penis.

'We take the penis out, and there’s a big laugh, everyone finds it funny, and then we take the vulva out, you sometimes hear, “Oh my god, that’s disgusting.”

‘I think there’s a lot of pressure on young girls to have genitals to look a certain way.’

The Metro reports: Kate believes this outlook is through young people’s exposure to pornography, which creates unrealistic expectations of what male and female bodies should be.

‘We don’t get to see other people’s genitals ever,’ Kate said.

‘The only place we get to see other people’s genitals is porn and people in porn are hired because of the type of bodies they have.’

Asked why ‘self-pleasuring’ is important to teach, Kate replied: ‘It’s something that most people do, and boys are more comfortable talking about it.

‘But when we’re talking about self-pleasure and what it’s like, and what might feel good for a person who has a vulva or a penis, it’s really important for the person of the opposite gender I guess can have an idea of what it might be like.

‘Because sometimes we’re talking to young girls and they're badly hurt by their partners who don’t understand you have to be quite gentle with that part of the body. Physically hurt where their vagina might be bruised or cut even.

‘Sometimes they just don’t want to make their partner feel bad because they don’t want to embarrass them, so they don’t say anything.

'What we do, it’s really about giving people the skills so they can say, “this is what I like, and this is what I don’t like.” And how to communicate that.’

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