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Facebook Teams with George Soros-Funded 'Fact-Checker' to Filter News Feed

Organization funded by liberal billionaire partners with social media giant

 on 13th January 2019 @ 12.00pm
another group funded by george soros will now be filtering facebook s news feed © press
Another group funded by George Soros will now be filtering Facebook's news feed

Facebook is now partnering with another George Soros-funded "fact-checker" that will be employed to filter out posts from its News Feed that it deems to be "fake news."

The UK-based organization, Full Fact, describes itself as a "charity" and will review stories, images, and videos and rate them based on accuracy before filtering out "misinformation" on a global level, according to the BBC.

Despite the organization claiming to be non-partisan, it has received extensive funding from the liberal financier, and major Democratic Party donor, George Soros.

And this isn't the first time that a Soros-funded group has become of "Facebook's official fact-checking partners."

In October 2018, Facebook partnered with African "fact-checker" AfricaCheck, that claims to "combat fake news and false information on the social platform."

The organization, that claims to be - yes, you guessed it - "non-partisan," says its role is to "promote accuracy in public debate and the media in Africa."

Although the group "fact-checks" information related to Africa, it also "debunks" international news stories, and once an article is flagged by them as being "false," it's pulled from the Facebook's News Feed on a global level, not just limited to users in Africa.

Aside from 9 percent of its funding coming from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, AfricaCheck gets 21 percent of its income from George Soros' Open Society Foundation.

The organization's largest donor, with 29 percent of the funding, however, comes from the Shuttleworth Foundation, a South African group with ties to Soros' Open Society.

Surely, Facebook must vet their "non-bias" partners, so how could this publically-available information simply slip through the net?

george soros is funding facebook s  fact checkers  whose role it is to filter news feed © press
George Soros is funding Facebook's 'fact-checkers' whose role it is to filter News Feed

According to NewsBusters, the “charity” Full Fact was announced on January 11 as the new fact-checkers for Facebook.

The BBC reports that the organization will “review stories, images, and videos and rate them based on accuracy.”

But these fact-checkers might have a bigger agenda, according to their funding page.

Google and liberal billionaire George Soros have donated extensively to Full Fact in 2018 alone. It is also funded by a radical leftist, Pierre Omidyar, who funds the Never Trump site the Bulwark, headed by Bill Kristol.

Perhaps the move was meant to placate Soros, whose organizations, including the Color of Change, have lobbied to have Facebook undergo a civil rights audit.

Facebook has been under fire following the New York Times report, which said that Facebook hired a right-wing group to do opposition research on Soros.

However, there are no conservative fact-checkers left in the Facebook fact-checking family.

With the close of the Weekly Standard, Facebook has yet to name a conservative successor to fact-check.

mark zuckerberg s facebook has been hit by scandal after scandal recently © press
Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook has been hit by scandal after scandal recently

While Full Fact strenuously objects to any criticism regarding partisan politics, it wrote on its website, “Ultimately, it is for our audience to judge for themselves whether we succeed.”

In 2018, Google donated 210,445 British pounds, plus a £20,000 direct donation.

That equals $269,175, plus an additional $25,581.

Open Society Foundations, funded by George Soros, (who has called for Facebook to be split up), donated 71,917 pounds, or $91,987.

The lead editor at Full Fact is Tom Phillips, formerly editor at Buzzfeed UK.

Phillips had written extensively on the alt-right at Buzzfeed, and wrote a piece about the 2016 American election (despite being in the U.K.)

In that piece, he referred to the race as a “churning hellscape,” and shared a picture of a weeping woman with the caption, “It’s okay. We can get through this nightmare together! Grab your favorite crying pillow.”

Other probably well-checked pieces written by Phillips include, What Actual Pile of Garbage Are You?”, 35 Ways of Describing Brexit, Ranked By How Much They Sound Like Sex Things,” and the extremely factual How to Talk to A Woman Even Though She’s A Ghost.”

According to Wired, pieces that have been determined to be “fake news” by Full Fact will not be deleted, but they will be “shown lower in users’ news feeds, a move intended to decrease the number of people who end up seeing the content.”

Conservatives have gotten slammed by Facebook’s fact-checkers in the past, including a clearly marked satirical piece from the Babylon Bee about CNN’s “spin cycle washing machine” that was marked “fake news.”

A former editor of left-wing "fact-checker" Snopes also claimed in a December interview with the Guardian that Facebook pays the company to push "propaganda."

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Facebook is heavily censoring information from independent sources.

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