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John Solomon: Feds Covering Up Evidence That Would Help Trump Administration

Major accusation from The Hill's leading investigative reporter

 on 5th January 2019 @ 1.00am
the hill s john solomon has accused feds of covering up evidence that would help trump © press
The Hill's John Solomon has accused feds of covering up evidence that would help Trump

The feds are covering-up evidence that would help the Trump Administration, according to scathing accusations made by The Hill's leading investigative reporter, John Solomon.

The veteran journalist dropped the bombshell during a report for The Hill, in which he claims that anti-Trump bias is blocking information from being revealed that would potentially end the Russia probe.

Should the allegations be correct, Solomon's claims would support Trump's own view that special counsel Robert Mueller is leading a political "witch hunt" against the president.

Solomons says that for nearly two years, the intelligence community has retained secret evidence in the Russia collusion investigation that directly undercuts the portrayal of retired Army general and former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn as a "Russian stooge."

Officials and the establishment media may have hidden evidence that would exonerate Flynn, and they may be planning to do the same for others, according to Mr. Solomon.

john solomon says feds are holding back secret evidence that would help the trump administration © press
John Solomon says feds are holding back secret evidence that would help the Trump Administration

According to Western Journal, Flynn, as you may remember, is a retired Army general who briefly served as national security adviser under President Donald Trump until a scandal rocked his tenure.

Facing accusations that he misled the FBI and was “compromised” by Russia, the ex-general was forced to cut a deal with Mueller, presumably to help take down Trump.

But all is not what it seems. Solomon — who has built a career on exposing failures within the FBI and other agencies — pointed out that important evidence which would have defended Flynn was essentially swept under the rug.

“For nearly two years now, the intelligence community has kept secret evidence in the Russia collusion case that directly undercuts the portrayal of retired Army general and former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn as a Russian stooge,” Solomon wrote.

The investigative journalist pointed to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley, who received an in-depth briefing on the Flynn-Russia scandal in 2017.

Grassley, a Republican, could have made sure that the information presented to him in that classified briefing stayed hidden if it hurt the Trump administration and Flynn.

Instead, the judiciary chairman repeatedly asked for that information to be de-classified and shown to the American people.

“It appears the public release of this information would not pose any ongoing risk to national security,” Sen. Grassley wrote at the time.

“Moreover, the declassification would be in the public interest, and is in the interest of fairness to Lt. Gen. Flynn.”

But that information was never made public.

If it had been, Flynn might have had a fighting chance at defending his reputation and actions, at least according to Solomon.

president trump calls the russia probe a political  witch hunt © press
President Trump calls the Russia probe a political 'witch hunt'

Citing sources close to the matter, the respected journalist insisted that the still-buried Senate report showed that Flynn was not the deceptive villain he was made out to be.

“Before Flynn made his infamous December 2015 trip to Moscow — as a retired general and then-adviser to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign — he alerted his former employer, the DIA,” Solomon claimed.

“He then attended a ‘defensive’ or ‘protective’ briefing before he ever sat alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Russia Today (RT) dinner, or before he talked with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak,” the journalist continued.

“The briefing educated and sensitized Flynn to possible efforts by his Russian host to compromise the former high-ranking defense official and prepared him for conversations in which he could potentially extract intelligence for U.S. agencies such as the DIA,” Solomon wrote.

In other words, Flynn seemed not only willing but eager to follow good procedures to make sure Russian intelligence agents didn’t compromise him or pump him for information.

In fact, the former general allegedly met with numerous U.S. intelligence officials to be “debriefed” about what he learned from his Russia meetings, not the other way around.

Flynn left the national security adviser position back in 2017 … so what does this have to do with politics today?

In Solomon’s view, the current frenzy over Trump-Russia “collusion” accusations and the Mueller probe can be directly traced back to Flynn, who was made into something of a scapegoat.

“It’s important to wind back many months to where the Russia collusion narrative started and the media frenzy-driven suggestion that Flynn may have been on a mission to compromise America’s security and endanger this great republic when he visited Moscow,” he wrote.

“(T)here is ample evidence now that the event that many ‘Russia collusion’ cheerleaders have cited as the start of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Moscow was, in fact, something very different,” he pointed out.

In simple terms, the entire race by Mueller and most of the left to undermine Trump may have been triggered by a false start.

They jumped the gun on Flynn, and then used that inauthentic narrative as a springboard for going after others in the White House.

For this to be confirmed, we’d have to see the actual Senate report that Grassley tried so hard to declassify.

But if Solomon is even slightly right, it would seem the Mueller probe is indeed a witch hunt predicated on a falsehood.

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