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Teen Rapist Who Abused 2 Children Walks Free From Jail After 3 Weeks

Judge decides attacker is too 'vulnerable' for an adult prison

 on 27th December 2018 @ 4.00pm
judge decides attacker is too  vulnerable  for an adult prison © press
Judge decides attacker is too 'vulnerable' for an adult prison

A teenager, charged repeatedly raping two small children, has walked free from jail after serving just three weeks of his sentence, according to reports.

The 'admitted' child rapist from Devon, UK, was just 13-years-old at the time of the sickening assaults against two siblings, a boy, and a girl, aged five and eight.

Neither of the victims' names has been disclosed.

The victims' families were close to the rapist's and visited each other regularly.

teen rapist who abused 2 children walks free from jail after 3 weeks © press

The teenager would use the opportunity to abuse the children under the guise of playing “murder in the dark."

The ordeal continued for at least nine months as the court proved it took place from September 2013 to May 2014.

The young male victim informed the police he was assaulted “about seventy times," but only 14 occasions could be proven.

The abuse was discovered in 2016 when the male victim described to his mother about being raped following a sex education class at school.

When the mother asked her daughter if she suffered the same, she broke down in tears.

Neither sibling was aware of the other's ordeal.

teen rapist who abused 2 children walks free from jail after 3 weeks © press

The rapist, now 18, admitted to a boy and a girl under 13, along with two counts of assaulting a boy and a girl under 13 by touching and two counts of encouraging the boy into sexual pursuit.

On August 14, 2018, the preparator was jailed for two years, much to his victims' parents' relief.

But literally under a month later, the boy was allowed to walk free on appeal; the Daily Mail determined out after months of looking into the hushed-up ruling.

According to the defense, the rapist was too “vulnerable” for an adult prison, and the court altered his sentence to a 12-month referral order before releasing him back into the community.

His sex offender registration was cut to only two and a half years.

“He was immediately released on Friday – and was at a party on a Saturday night,” the victims’ devastated mother said.

The mother has now had to warn her children they may bump into their attacker in the street.

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