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Judicial Watch: Mueller Probe is an 'Impeachment Fantasy' for Democrats

Tom Fitton calls for end to Trump-Russia investigation

 on 27th December 2018 @ 9.00pm
judicial watchdog president tom fitton says mueller s probe is  out of control © press
Judicial Watchdog President Tom Fitton says Mueller's probe is 'out of control'

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton has called for an end to Robert Mueller's Russia Probe, saying it is nothing more than an "impeachment fantasy" for House Democrats.

Speaking about the investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russian agents, Fitton said Wednesday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his ongoing Russia probe will "continue to harass the president."

During an interview on "Fox & Friends First," Mr. Fitton said that although it was reported that Mueller should submit a report to the attorney general as early as mid-February, it will unlikely spell the imminent end of the anti-Trump campaign. 

"Even if there is an interim report ... I think it's just going to be a vehicle, [a] continuing vehicle for enemies of the president to harass the president," he said.


tom fitton says the february report will unlikely spell the end of mueller s probe © press
Tom Fitton says the February report will unlikely spell the end of Mueller's probe

According to Fox News, referring to the FBI and Justice Department as President Trump's "internal enemies," Fitton said Trump will face an additional threat of impeachment when Democrats take control of the House.

"Mueller, I think, is effectively a vehicle for impeachment fantasies of the House Democrats."

Fitton noted "activities" by Mueller over the past year, including the firing of FBI agent Peter Strzok and the case against Gen. Michael Flynn [Ret.], and said they would shut down Mueller's probe during any other presidency.

"If I were the president, I would authorize and tell the Justice Department to shut it down," he said.

"If he doesn't do it through the Justice Department he should take legal action to get it shut down because this is just harassment at this point."

fitton says the  justice department is out of control and anti trump © press
Fitton says the 'Justice Department is out of control and anti-Trump'

Fitton said Mueller and his team "specialize in innuendo" and have not laid out evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. 

"What [Mueller] will say is that you had people associated with the campaign who may or may not have had ties with the Russians, and so because they had ties with the Russians it may mean something," he said.

"That's not gonna be satisfying for most Americans."

Fitton also said that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), who is expected to take over the House Intel Committee next year, believes that talking about Mueller all the time will lead Americans to believe there was collusion with Russia.

"The fact is the Mueller special counsel is a sign that our Justice Department is out of control and anti-Trump.

"It's not a sign that he's investigating anything substantive."

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