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Priest: Persecuted Christian Woman Who Criticized Islam is 'Like Jesus Christ'

Progressives try to find similarities to the birth of Christ to that of mass migration

 on 21st December 2018 @ 9.00pm
progressives try to find similarities to the birth of christ to that of mass migration © press
Progressives try to find similarities to the birth of Christ to that of mass migration

Following Pope Francis's recent remarks comparing Jesus Christ's cold welcome in Bethlehem to that of modern-day migrants, Italian priest Father Alfredo Morselli hit back saying he is more like persecuted Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi.

Many progressives, including Francis, attempted to find similarities to the birth of Christ to that of mass immigration in modern Europe. Persecuted 

But Father Morsell fiercely rejected the idea, emphasizing that “Christ was a persecuted person, more like Asia Bibi or Catholics betrayed and sold off to the Chinese government,” according to Giornale.

Father Morselli commented on the nativity scenes that featured migrant boats being set up around Italy:

“For the anti-Christian creed, religion no longer concerns Jesus in himself, as it is, the Son of God since the Gospels of his childhood is now considered a myth and we cannot know the historical Jesus.”

priest  persecuted christian woman who criticized islam is  like jesus christ © press

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The priest referred to Ms. Bibi along with Christians being persecuted around the world during Christmas, explaining: “I would say that as there was no place for Jesus in the hotel, there is no place for Asia Bibi in the Vatican.”

Bibi has been under continuous threat of death as she attempted to apply for asylum.

Prime Minister Theresa May reportedly rejected Bibi's application claiming it could stoke tensions within the Muslim community, while populist leaders like Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and French National Rally leader Marine Le Pen displayed support for granting her asylum,

priest  persecuted christian woman who criticized islam is  like jesus christ © press

Francis made the issue of immigration a central to his papal platform, urging nations to be more inviting to migrants, regardless of them being illegal or threatening to national security.

The Pontiff suggested that failure to welcome migrants has fueled by "populist rhetoric” and "selfishness."

The Pope praised the U.N.’s Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM), approved in Marrakesh last week, expressing his approval in his Angelus message on Sunday.

The Pontiff yesterday challenged President Donald Trump and Italian right-wing league leader Matteo Salvini over their stance on mass immigration 'Political addresses that tend to blame every evil on migrants and to deprive the poor of hope are unacceptable,' the pope, said.

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