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Yellow Vest Victory: France Approves Tax Cuts for Hard Working Citizens

French National Assembly green-lights proposal to cut taxes for low income workers

 on 21st December 2018 @ 12.00pm
hard working every day citizens are rising up against french president macron s globalist polices © press
Hard-working every-day citizens are rising up against French President Macron's globalist polices

A huge victory for the Yellow Vests in France on Friday, as the French National Assembly approves a proposal to cut taxes for hard-working citizens.

The FNA approved a package of emergency concessions announced by the government to stem the uprising against globalist President Emmanuel Macron.

Macron revealed the tax cuts for low-income workers in a televised address earlier this month as he hoped to help cool weeks of demonstrations against his policies by hundreds of thousands of yellow-vested protesters across the country.

Labor minister Muriel Penicaud said the measures provide a “quick, strong and concrete response” to the crisis during a debate which lasted into the early hours of Friday morning.

The measures include the removal of a planned tax increase for a majority of pensioners and tax-free overtime pay for all workers.

Yellow Vest uprising

The Yellow Vests uprising was triggered by the introduction of the new "Climate Tax" in France.

Macron's government claims the new taxes are meant to reduce carbon emissions in line with the Paris Climate Agreement - which President Donald Trump protected his country from by withdrawing the United States.

The taxes are applied to fossil fuels to force people to switch to expensive electric cars.

The new policy only hurts the working lower and middle classes, however, who already struggle with the high costs of living in France, and especially Paris.

And while hard-working French citizens are footing the bill for these new liberal policies, ex-Rothschild banker Macron is handing out tax cuts to the top 1%.

citizens all over the world are donning yellow vests and rising up against their globalist governments © press
Citizens all over the world are donning yellow vests and rising up against their globalist governments

Blue Vest uprising

Earlier this week, following demonstrations across France, French police forces were being urged by union bosses to down their batons and shields in solidarity with the Yellow Vests, potentially triggering a new wave of "Blue Vest" protests against President Macron's globalist government.

Police unions warned of a "black day for the police" that would come in the form of "Blue Vest" protests against the liberal French president's administration.

In an attempt to defuse the situation, the gov't offered a 300-euro ($340/£270) bonus to officers deployed to tackle the Yellow Vest protests that started last month.

France's Interior Minister Christophe Castaner met police union representatives, in long talks that ran from late on Wednesday to early Friday, in an attempt to prevent the protests from moving forward.

The initial proposal of a bonus seemed to instead fan the flames of the growing anger in police ranks, however.

"We are not for sale and we can't be bought," said Yves Lefebvre, of the Unite-SG Police FO union.

"It's certainly not with this bonus that the crisis will be resolved."

After two days of talks with President Emmanuel Macron's government and a strike which saw police stations close down except for emergency duties, a new accord was announced by unions in the early hours of Friday morning.

Union officials said that starting next year average monthly pay will be gradually boosted by 120 euros a month, and up to 150 euros a month for senior ranks.

The government will also begin negotiations on the huge backlog of overtime pay, with unions saying they are owed a collective 275 million euros. 

With the pay hikes, the government said a planned 300-euro bonus for officers would now be reserved only for administrative employees and technicians.

"It's what we were looking for, we wanted an immediate boost to spending power," said Lefebvre after Wednesday's talks.

citizens in france are rising up against president macron s globalist ambitions © press
Citizens in France are rising up against President Macron's globalist ambitions

Far from over

The new concessions packages have received the green light from the French National Assembly and will now move to the Senate for approval. 

Hundreds of thousands of people joined rallies across France on consecutive Saturdays in a movement which sprung up over fuel tax hikes but snowballed into broader opposition to Macron.

Police this week said they would start removing barricades at roundabouts, road junctions and on motorways as the demonstrations slow down over the festive period while protesters take time out. 

The protests are showing no sign of running out of steam, however, as planned protests are set to continue through January in what is being dubbed "The Yellow Winter."

Despite concessions from the French Government, the "Climate Tax" has only been delayed, and citizens are frustrated by a wide range of President Macron's ambitions for globalism.

While restating that reducing fossil fuels which contribute to "climate change" was a "necessary action," Macron stated that it “must not put the problems of the end of the world in opposition to the problems at the end of the month” — alluding to the anger of the “yellow vest” protest movement about the cost of living in France and the difficulty in making ends meet.

As the silent majority have donned yellow vests and taken to the streets to make their voices heard, the "Gilets Jaunes" movement has inspired similar uprisings across the world as citizens everywhere speak out against their globalist governments.

News reports of the demonstrations have inspired other like-minded people worldwide, triggering similar protests in major cities in the UK, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, California, and Canada.

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