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Civil War: French Police Threaten 'Blue Vest' Uprising Against Globalist Macron

Police urged by union to protest against President Macron in solidarity with Yellow Vests

 on 19th December 2018 @ 12.00pm
police  blue vests  are threatening to join yellow vests in protests against globalist macron © press
Police 'Blue Vests' are threatening to join Yellow Vests in protests against globalist Macron

French police forces are being urged by union bosses to down their batons and shields in solidarity with the Yellow Vests, triggering a new wave of "Blue Vest" protests against President Macron's globalist government.

The uprising of law enforcement could lead to civil war in France should the police go head-to-head with the government.

Police unions have warned of a "black day for the police" that will come in the form of "Blue Vest" protests against the liberal French president's administration.

In an attempt to defuse the situation, the gov't has offered a 300-euro ($340/£270) bonus to officers deployed to tackle the Yellow Vest protests that started last month.

France's Interior Minister Christophe Castaner is meeting police union representatives later on Wednesday in an attempt to prevent the protests from moving forward.

It isn't clear whether the proposed premiums will calm the frustrations, or instead fan the flames of the growing anger in police ranks, however.

"We are not for sale and we can't be bought," said Yves Lefebvre, of the Unite-SG Police FO union.

"It's certainly not with this bonus that the crisis will be resolved."

the yellow vest movement has inspired similar uprisings across the world © press
The Yellow Vest movement has inspired similar uprisings across the world

According to government figures, the bonus will be paid to 111,000 police officers and military personnel and will cost 33 million euros (£30 million).

The National Assembly is expected to debate the proposal during discussions on the 2019 budget.

According to the Daily Mail, instead of a bonus, police unions are asking for the payment of thousands of hours of unpaid overtime that has accumulated over years. 

Police forces across France are now threatening to launch their own "blue vest" protests against Macron after five weeks on the front-line of the Yellow Vest demonstrations.

Union bosses have hinted at "Blue Vests" protesting side-by-side in solidarity with the Yellow Vests on the streets of France.

Yellow Vest protests

The Yellow Vest uprising was triggered by the introduction of the new "Climate Tax" in France.

Macron's government claims the new taxes are meant to reduce carbon emissions in line with the Paris Climate Agreement - which President Donald Trump protected his country from by withdrawing the United States.

The taxes are applied to fossil fuels to force people to switch to expensive electric cars.

The new policy only hurts the working lower and middle classes, however, who already struggle with the high costs of living in France, and especially Paris.

And while hard-working French citizens are footing the bill for these new liberal policies, ex-Rothschild banker Macron is handing out tax cuts to the top 1%.

Blue Vest protests

The police forces' Alliance union says the government needs to invest in the country's police while urging a work slowdown on Wednesday to protest Mr. Macron's planned cuts.

Alliance is encouraging officers to stay inside their stations and only to respond to emergency calls.  

They promised a "black day for the police" and their own version of the "gilets jaunes," the "gilets bleus" or Blue Vests, according to the Local.

french police are looking likely to join the yellow vests in protest as blue vests © press
French police are looking likely to join the Yellow Vests in protest as Blue Vests

Another union, UNSA police threatened to occupy the streets in protest if its demands were not met.  

The union demanded payment of overtime hours put in throughout the protests from the government earlier this month.

"Police are not doing well and nobody is listening," Frederic Lagache, of the Alliance union said.

Alliance says that French lawmakers are set to vote on £56 million (62 million euros) in budget cuts this week that "will once again result in downgraded work conditions," if approved.

Alliance is encouraging police forces to stay inside their stations on Wednesday and only to respond to emergency calls. 

The UNSA union threatened on Monday to mimic Yellow Vests protests and occupy roundabouts if its demands were not met.

"The roundabouts are not reserved for yellow vests only," the union said in a statement.

French interior minister Christophe Castaner said on his Twitter that he would meet with union chiefs on Tuesday evening. 

The news comes as fires engulfed motorway toll booths on the French Riviera on Monday night and further Yellow Vest protests took place across France.

In Biarritz, protesters were out in force on Tuesday to demonstrate against the French government as French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian visited to make a speech before hundreds of ambassadors ahead of next year's G7 summit in the city.

Mr. Macron had been billed to attend but the foreign minister was sent in his stead as he carries out vital work to solve his Yellow Vest headache in Paris. 

Video shows how Yellow Vest demonstrators set fire to the installations at Bandol, on the Mediterranean close to Toulon, in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Footage posted on social media showed the booths burning fiercely, causing hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage.

"Sixteen arrests for suspected arson offenses were made soon afterward," said a local police source. "All are now in custody."

The Yellow Vests - who are named after the high visibility jackets that all motorists have to carry in their cars in France - have been blockading the booths for the past month.

They are on the A50 motorway, which runs along the Mediterranean between Marseille and Toulon.

It was the first road in France to trial the so-called Telepeage system - one that allows tolls to be paid automatically using a windscreen mounted sensor.

British visitors to the country are far more likely to pay by using cash or credit cards, but that is today impossible on the A50.

"The road is now shut in both directions, as the fire is investigated and the damage dealt with," said the police source.

The Yellow Vests campaign started as a protest against green taxes on petrol and diesel on November 17, leading Mr. Macron to scrap them.

Despite the U-turn, violence including widespread rioting in cities such as Paris has continued, costing the French economy millions.

Toll booths in France are run by private companies such as Vinci, which manages the Bandol station.

It says it has lost millions during the Yellow Vests uprising and has called on Mr. Macron's government to pay for all the damage.

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