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Germany to ‘Re-Educate’ Children from Conservative ‘Right Wing’ Families

Brochure funded by Government seeks to far-left worldview on children

 on 16th December 2018 @ 4.00pm
brochure funded by government seeks to  far left worldview on children © press
Brochure funded by Government seeks to far-left worldview on children

When the government starts deciding how your children will think even before they have left pre-school, you can safely say you're locked inside an Orwellian system controlled by oppressive bureaucrats.

But George Orwell may not have foreseen the sheer magnitude of how far the government will go to control our children's minds.

A new brochure funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs in Germany seems to be targeting “right-wing” parents by attempting to push a far-left worldview on their children.

Merkel's government paid $5,000 to have the brochure mass-produced, according to Life Site News.

germany to    re educate    children from conservative    right wing    families © press

Even mainstream outlets like BZ Berlin and Der Spiegel also noted the dubious brochure

“The brochure was published last month by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation,” Life Site reported.

“Dr. Franziska Giffey, the social-democratic German Federal Minister for Family Affairs, contributed a foreword to the 60-page document. It is Giffey’s ministry that funded the brochure.”

The language in the publication (available here in German) especially singles out right-leaning families with traditional values.

It also seems to warn parents how the so-called 'conservative' views are dangerous.

According to the forward by Dr. Giffey, the federal minister, it reads "a significant increase of right-wing populist movements.”

The publication is holding up conventional conservative views as red flags.

“At the beginning of the brochure, authors Enrico Glaser and Judith Rahner write about ‘extreme attitudes’ and ‘inequality’ in general, and thus link what they refer to as ‘racist’ positions to parents who oppose things like gender theory, sexual diversity, and immigration,” Life Site explained.

germany to    re educate    children from conservative    right wing    families © press

“Parents who have such attitudes are to be detected by their use of ‘seemingly harmless words which stem, however, from the jargon of the New (or Old) Right and which imply a deeply misanthropic attitude,'” it continued.

Labeling common center-right views and traditional values of the working man as 'extremist' is a well known elitist tactic.

Other parts of the government-backed brochure warn of “the expansion of right-wing populism.”

“For the authors, it is ‘right-wing’ parents who foster ‘racist debates about flight and asylum’ and ‘refugees,’ who foster ‘fear of indoctrination or premature sexualization of our children’, that is to say the rejection of sexual pedagogy and education concerning gender and sexual diversity, and who foster fear of ‘an Islamization of the Occident,'” quoting the original German document.

There is also a hidden agenda present throughout the brochure that pushes transgender normalization for children

It is “part of the educational task to teach children gender equality and the diversity of gender identities and ways of life,” the brochure declares.

This is “crucial … in order to empower inter- and transsexual children.”

“Right-wing populist, neo-Right, or religious-fundamentalist groups stir up hatred against the communication of diversity with the help of defamatory words such as ‘genderism’, ‘gender madness,’ or, as we said, ‘premature sexualization,'” the publication maintained.

“Meant here is an alleged ‘re-education of our children’, who then supposedly cannot anymore be ‘real’ girls and boys,” it stated.

The brochure even lists examples where traditional gender roles for boys and girls are 'radical and 'dangerous' - while transsexual childhoods are seen as acceptable.

The brochure is genuinely alarming and can only be described as propaganda.

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