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Obama Attacks Republicans After Obamacare Ruled ‘Unconstitutional’ by Judge

Obama takes to facebook in a desperate attempt to convince people to enroll

 on 16th December 2018 @ 2.00pm
obama takes to facebook in a desperate attempt  to convince people to enroll © press
Obama takes to facebook in a desperate attempt to convince people to enroll

Following the recent ruling by a Texas judge that Obamacare is 'unconstitutional,' former president Barack Obama took to Facebook in a desperate attempt to try and convince people to enroll in the Affordable Care Act.

Texas argued to U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor they were severely affected by the number of people using state-backed insurance.

“Individual Mandate can no longer be fairly read as an exercise of Congress’s Tax Power and is still impermissible under the Interstate Commerce Clause — meaning the Individual Mandate is unconstitutional,” wrote District Judge Reed O’Connor said following the ruling.

“Essential to and inseverable from the remainder of the ACA.”

obama attacks republicans after obamacare ruled    unconstitutional    by judge © press

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Obama highlighted that it would appeal to the ruling will “take months, if not years” to overturn.

Obama began his Facebook post with “two things you need to know” about healthcare before reminding readers that open enrollment ends “today.”

The former President then began to criticize the ruling:

Second, you might have heard about a federal court decision on a Republican lawsuit trying to strike down the Affordable Care Act in its entirety.

That can be a scary thing to hear, particularly if you or someone you care about has a pre-existing condition.

And that’s why it’s so important for you to know that last night’s ruling changes nothing for now.

As this decision makes its way through the courts, which will take months, if not years, the law remains in place and will likely stay that way.

Open enrollment is proceeding as planned today.

And a good way to show that you’re tired of people trying to take away your health care is to get covered!

obama attacks republicans after obamacare ruled    unconstitutional    by judge © press

Obama went on to highlight several points he views as hallmarks of the law, namely the preventive care and the fact that “young people can stay on their parents’ plans until they’re 26,” before calling to defeat Republicans “trying to undo all that.”

But all of this should also be a reminder that Republicans will never stop trying to undo all that.

If they can’t get it done in Congress, they’ll keep trying in the courts, even when it puts people’s pre-existing conditions coverage at risk.

The only way to convince them to stop trying to repeal this law, and start working to make health care better, is to keep voting, in big numbers, in every election, for people who’ll protect and improve our care.

Back in August, a Texas Attorney sued the federal government in an Obamacare lawsuit has won $839 million in damages.

Attorney General Ken Paxton lawsuit was a big blow to the Obama administration which highlighted flaws in the legislation, something the mainstream media ridiculed Donald Trump for repeatedly calling out.

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