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Macron Begs France to 'Return to Order' as 'Yellow Vests' Prepare for Revolution

Fresh wave of protests planned as French citizens rise up against globalist government

 on 15th December 2018 @ 12.00pm
french yellow vest protesters prepare for a revolution as citizens rise up against macron © press
French Yellow Vest protesters prepare for a revolution as citizens rise up against Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron has called on France to "return to order" as citizens prepare for another weekend of Yellow Vest protests as they rise up against their globalist government, demanding a revolution.

The head of state begged his people "to return to normal operation" after several weeks of mobilization of the "Yellow Vest" movement and an attack on the Christmas market in Strasbourg this week.

"I brought an answer" to the requests of the "Yellow Vests," declared President Macron during an appeal to protesters, suggesting that he would not announce any other new measures. 

The liberal leader revealed an increase in the monthly minimum wage of €100 and an exemption from the CSG (Contribution Sociale Généralisée or Social Charges) increase for pensioners earning less than € 2,000 per month.

yellow vests are planning a 5th weekend of protests against globalism © press
Yellow Vests are planning a 5th weekend of protests against globalism

After four Saturdays of protests, including three engulfed in violent clashes with police, some "Yellow Vests" call for an "act 5" while others advocate appeasement after the bombing of the Christmas market Tuesday night. 

"I think that the sense of general interest will lead everyone to join a national debate, and exchange with their mayor, to formulate political and sincere proposals," added Emmanuel Macron. 

"The dialogue (...) is not done by the occupation of the public domain and by violence," according to Macron.

Emmanuel Macron called on the people of France to speak at the polls in the European elections of May 2019. 

But "in no case, should what is happening lead to questioning the democratic election held 18 months ago," he said.

Germany and Luxembourg convinced

During the Brussels summit, the French president also assured European partners that there was "no cause for concern" regarding his country's planned reforms.

The "reform strategy is maintained and reconfirmed and the economic strategy is able to be adapted to this type of change," he said.

macron s small concessions are not enough for the yellow vests © press
Macron's small concessions are not enough for the Yellow Vests

Speaking in front of the press, German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared herself "convinced" that Emmanuel Macron would continue to pursue his reforms. 

"He has made some proposals, which he has thought about, to respond to complaints from people," added Merkel.

Macron was asked Friday morning about the financial impact these changes would make have after some had expressed concern about the long-term agenda. 

"We can not mortgage future generations on the current demands of one or the other, we all have political responsibilities for today, but also for tomorrow," he said.

Citizens rise up against globalist leaders

France is braced for a fifth consecutive weekend of "Gilets Jaunes" or "Yellow Vest" protests this Saturday, despite Macron's concessions this week.

Some 69,000 police officers have been deployed across the country in anticipation of the protests, including 8,000 in the capital, Paris, according to France's Interior Ministry.

"We expect the individuals to be more determined," junior Interior Minister Laurent Nunez said Friday evening.

The protests have also been spreading to other European cities as citizens all over Europe begin rising up against the globalist EU.

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