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Police State: French Riot Cops Drag Yellow Vest Down Street by Her Hair

Authorities becoming increasingly heavy-handed with anti-government protesters

 on 11th December 2018 @ 11.00pm
authorities becoming increasingly heavy handed with anti government protesters © press
Authorities becoming increasingly heavy-handed with anti-government protesters

French police are becoming increasingly heavy-handed with anti-government protesters.

If tipping a disabled man out of his wheelchair wasn't bad enough, then maybe dragging a woman by her hair is more shocking.

The yellow vest protesters continue to 'up the ante' with more demonstrations despite Emmanuel Macron's minimum wage rise and tax concession.

The uprising isn't something the government likes or is used to for that matter.

police state  french riot cops drag yellow vest down street by her hair © press

The sheer brutality of the French police has come to light in many instances over the past week, one of which saw school children being lined up like they were about to shot by a firing squad.

A new video uploaded to Twitter shows dragging a female protester away by her hair.

Although the full context of the video isn't yet known, the sheer aggression of the police in the footage is undeniable.

On Saturday almost 2000 people were arrested, and 264 people were injured during protests that developed into rioting and looting.

France has now seen a total of four weekends of violent protests against fuel tax hikes, living costs, and education reforms.

police state  french riot cops drag yellow vest down street by her hair © press

Macron announced the minimum wage would rise by €100 per month in 2019, following the protests.

The "Yellow Vest" movement recently rejected Emmanuel Macron's demands for talks, as the President's approval ratings plummeted to an all-time low.

If Macron wishes to move forward with his aggressive plans, such as pension reform, he will need to start listening to the French people to realize the plans only hurt poor working people, who will never accept it

Macron, who took power in 2017, presenting himself as a spokesman for multilateralism and globalism, has seen massive revolt as populist movements sweep across Europe.

He has since become a poster boy for a globalist agenda that is being increasingly rejected by people across the world; it is time for him to realize it is a fight he cannot win.

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