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Obama Gave Soros-Linked Group $310 Million to Help Migrants Escape Deportation

Obama Administration awarded tax-payer money to organization tied to liberal billionaire

 on 7th December 2018 @ 5.00pm
obama awarded the george soros linked group with  310 million in tax payer money © press
Obama awarded the George Soros-linked group with $310 million in tax-payer money

Former President Barack Obama's administration awarded $310 million in tax-payer money to a group with ties to liberal billionaire George Soros that helps illegal immigrants escape deportation from the United States.

Between 2015 and 2016, the Obama Administration granted millions of dollars worth of contracts to the Vera Institute of Justice help Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) avoid being deported from the US.

The payments were exposed by an Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) investigation, that found VIJ was rewarded the $310m in contracts to help UACs — young migrants who arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border unaccompanied — avoid being sent back to their country of origin.

VIJ shares previous operatives with Soros open borders organization Open Society Foundation.

OSF has also made sizable donations to the Vera Institute of Justice.

irli executive director dale wilcox says obama s administration did  more than flout the law © press
IRLI executive director Dale Wilcox says Obama's administration did 'more than flout the law'

According to Breitbart, the IRLI investigation reveals that the Obama administration rewarded the Vera Justice Institute with millions in American taxpayer-funded contracts to give “direct legal representation” to UACs in deportation proceedings.

“When the federal government pays for illegal alien minors to receive direct legal representation, it does more than flout the law,” IRLI executive director Dale Wilcox said in a statement.

“These unauthorized payments have undoubtedly speeded-up UACs’ release from detention facilities to join their families, relatives, or fellow gang members – or help them reconnect with and pay ‘pandillas,’ the criminal cartels that make enormous profits from controlling human trafficking over the southern border,” Wilcox said.

“My guess is that average voters would not be pleased to know that such vast amounts of their tax dollars are being spent in aid of this giant criminal enterprise.”

federal officials have warned that uacs flooding the border are potential recruits for violent street gangs © press
Federal officials have warned that UACs flooding the border are potential recruits for violent street gangs

The Vera Justice Center was previously headed by Christopher Stone, who also served as the president of Soros’s Open Society Foundation between 2012 and 2017.

Soros’s Open Society Foundation also previously awarded funding to the Vera Justice Center.

Federal officials have said that UACs pouring into the U.S. are “potential recruits” for violent foreign gangs like MS-13 that have taken a stronghold in American communities.

In 2017 alone, more than 40,000 UACs were resettled across the U.S. after they arrived in the country unaccompanied.

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