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Yellow Vests Reject Macron's Call for Talks After Police Kill 80-Year-Old Woman

Macron and top officials are scrambling to restore order

 on 3rd December 2018 @ 8.04pm
macron and top officials are scrambling to restore order © press
Macron and top officials are scrambling to restore order

Leaders of the French "Yellow Vest" movement have angrily rejected President Emmanuel Macron's demand to negotiate with the French government after an 80-Year-Old Woman Killed By Police Gas Canister.

Macron and top officials are scrambling to restore order as Paris reals from most violent protests France has seen since 1968.

Most tragically, an 80-year-old woman was killed in Marseille when a police tear-gas canister was thrown into her apartment window while she was attempting to lock the shutters.

The woman was rushed to a local hospital but died during an operation after suffering shock, according to reports.

yellow vests reject macron s call for talks after police kill 80 year old woman © press

136,000 demonstrators were recorded across France on Saturday, with 5,500 protesting in the French capital, the interior ministry reports.

The earlier weekend saw 166,000 demonstrators, before that there was 282,000.

So far, there have been 133 people injured, including 23 police officers, and a total of 412 arrests.

Macron visited the Arc de Triomphe, a landmark which was taken over by the protesters calling for him to resign, as the French government considers commanding a state of emergency to prevent the uprising.

Macron, who held crucial security meeting, was told by ministers "no options have been ruled out," but not discussed the 'state of emergency' option.

yellow vests reject macron s call for talks after police kill 80 year old woman © press

Conservative leader Marine Le Pen warned Maron at the meeting that he could become the first French president to order troops to open fire on his people in 50 years, and should abandon his plan to raise taxes on fuel.

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire met with h business representatives to discuss damages.

"The impact is severe and ongoing," Mr. Le Maire told the AFP news agency.

Some retailers reported a drop in sales around 20-40% during the demonstrations, while restaurants had lost 20-50% of their takings, he added. -BBC

To make matter worse for Macron, French private ambulance drivers staged additional demonstrations protesting several healthcare and social security cuts

One protester told the Reuters:

"[The reforms] will bludgeon us financially and destroy our companies. We're going to have to fire people, that's for sure."

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