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Merkel Doubles Payouts to Failed Asylum Seekers Who ‘Agree’ to Leave Country

Is this am indirect admission that government's open door policy is a failure?

 on 29th November 2018 @ 4.00pm
is this am indirect admission that government s open door policy is a failure © press
Is this am indirect admission that government's open door policy is a failure?

As Germany buckles under the sheer pressure of attempting to reduce the massive influx of refugees and migrants overflowing into Germany, the country resorted gifting rejected asylum seekers financial aid if they return home.

Angela Merkel launched the campaign last year which give migrants money toward paying their rent, with some left over for expenses.

But mysteriously, the numbers of asylum seekers applying for Merkel's program have dropped precipitously over the past year.

In 2017, 29,000 people joined "voluntary repatriation" program bearing the slogan "Your Country, Your Future Now!"

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But now the number has plummeted to just 14,000 towards the end of October, According to RT.

To qualify, failed asylum seekers must revoke their applications and drop appeals or additional proceedings in Germany's backlogged asylum courts.

merkel doubles payouts to failed asylum seekers who    agree    to leave country © press

Since it hasn't been working, Germany's Interior Ministry started an advertising campaign, expecting to raise the numbers of willing repatriations.

But the German liberal is unhappy with the ads, claiming they are "anti-refugee."

The remaining Germans who haven't rejected Merkel's disastrous open doors policy have now taken to vandalizing the billboard adverts.

Despite the program paying thousands of euros to migrants who take part in the program, the ads also promise an additional monetary gift: In addition to paying their rent, Germany will also pay for their family's return trip to their home country

merkel doubles payouts to failed asylum seekers who    agree    to leave country © press

Merkel's oppositions have blasted the plan as a desperate attempt to cover up her failures with the open door policy.

"The latest campaign of the interior ministry looks like a sort of a winter sales, and that is cynical," Konstantin von Notz, the deputy head of the Greens faction in the Bundestag, told Berliner Morgenpost daily.

"It is aimed at concealing [the ministry’s] own failures and improving the figures related to people, who voluntarily left the country, before the end of the year."

Not only is the new campaign is being viewed as "anti-immigrant," but also an indirect admission that governments multicultural stance was a complete failure.

The answer is in the polls

Over half of German citizens living under Angela Merkel's open-border regime stated they want to leave the country, according to Die Welt - referring to a YouGov survey commissioned by financial services provider Transferwise.

A third of the citizens who answered the questions said they would like to leave Germany forever, while 13 percent said they would go for two to five years

There is your answer.

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