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Hundreds Of Christians Who Fled ISIS have their Homes SEIZED by Officials

Seizures follow persecution of Christian at the hands of the Islamist terror group

 on 26th November 2018 @ 8.00pm
seizures follow persecution of christian at the hands of the islamist terror group © press
Seizures follow persecution of Christian at the hands of the Islamist terror group

Iraqi Christians who managed to escape the persecution of terrorist group ISIS have had their properties illegally seized by officials, a new investigation claims.

Conmen and authorities controlled around 350 Christian-owned properties.

Iraq’s government only managed to prevent 50 properties being sold, the investigation by Iraq television network al-Sumeria reports.

The news comes as thousands of Iraqi Christians fled to escape the invasion of ISIS in 2014, eventually retreating to their homes only to be met with even more persecution.

The persecution of Christian minorities at the hands of the Islamist terror group has been recognized as genocide by the EU and the British parliaments.

hundreds of christians who fled isis have their  homes seized by officials © press

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Auxiliary bishop of Baghdad, Mgr Shlemon Audish Warduni said:

"The numbers are unclear, but this is real and serious.

“For some time, Christian houses and properties have been the object of seizures or illegal occupations, and this is unfair.”

Iraq's Christian population of about one million plummeted to just half following 2003 toppling of Saddam Hussein implemented by the US-led coalition

Many retreated to northern Iraq and then to Turkey.

Tens of thousands of Christians joined another exodus after being ordered to renounce their faith or face death by ISIS.

The Open Doors campaign group for Christians rights stated:

hundreds of christians who fled isis have their  homes seized by officials © press

“Also, Islamic leaders, clan leaders, extended family and ‘normal citizens’ all put pressure on Christians from a Muslim background to recant, sometimes using torture or physical attack.

“Converts risk harassment or discrimination at check-points, universities, workplaces and government buildings; they may also lose jobs, inheritance rights, or the ability to marry.”

100 Christian-owned properties were assigned to people under false names, while authorities took dozens.

The majority of the seizures occurred Nineveh Plains, while others were in cities of Baghdad, Kirkuk, and Basra

Iraqi Christians claim they are targeted for the illegal seizures.

Thee seizures are often followed by violent persecution.

The seizures often follow violent persecution.

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