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Iran Calls on Muslims Worldwide to Unite Against US Following Trump Sanctions

Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani issues call to action to global Islamic community

 on 25th November 2018 @ 12.00pm
iranian leader hassan rouhani calls on muslims to unite against the us © press
Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani calls on Muslims to unite against the US

Following deeper sanctions by the Trump Administration against Iran, Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani has issued a call to action for Muslims worldwide to unite against the US.

Rouhani issued the call to the global Islamic community on Saturday, urging them to join forces against the United States, instead of "rolling out red carpets for criminals," in a thinly veiled reference to President Donald Trump.

Washington DC reimposed sanctions on Tehran in May after Trump pulled out of Obama's 2015 international nuclear deal with Iran, under which they had been lifted.

Rouhani said Iran will "break US sanctions with pride" because "God wills" it, adding that Muslim nations around the world "must stand up to America."

the iranian leader said his country will ignore trump s sanctions  with pride © press
The Iranian leader said his country will ignore Trump's sanctions 'with pride'

"Submitting to the West headed by America would be treason against our religion ... and against the future generations of this region," Rouhani told an international conference on Islamic unity in Tehran.

In the speech that was broadcast live on state television, Rouhani urged Muslims to "remain faithful" to their religion.

"We have a choice to either roll out red carpets for criminals or to forcefully stand against injustice and remain faithful to our Prophet, our Koran and our Islam," Rouhani said.

The comments appeared to a reference to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states which have close ties to Washington.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are regional rivals and have supported opposing sides in conflicts in Syria and Yemen and different political factions in Iraq and Lebanon.

"We are ready to defend the interests of the Saudi people against terrorism, aggression and the superpowers... and we don't ask for $450 billion to do it," Rouhani said, referring to Saudi Arabia's contracts with the United States.

crowds chanted  death to america  as rouhani issued a call to action for muslims worldwide © press
Crowds chanted 'death to America' as Rouhani issued a call to action for Muslims worldwide

The Iranian leader also warned that Donald Trump that his "psychological war" will fail as he vowed to ignore US sanctions on oil.

“We will not yield to this pressure, which is part of the psychological war launched against Iran," Rouhani declared.

"They have failed to stop our oil exports.

"We will keep exporting it.

"Your regional policies have failed and you blame Iran for that failure from Afghanistan to Yemen and Syria."

Iran's president made the bold comments during the speech that was broadcast live on state TV.

Crowds were heard chanting “Death to America!”

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