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'Liberal' College Students: Thanksgiving Is a ‘Racist’ Holiday - WATCH

Students at the University of Oregon are offended by the traditional American

 on 23rd November 2018 @ 9.23pm
students at the university of oregon are offended by the traditional american © press
Students at the University of Oregon are offended by the traditional American

How can the words “thanks” and “giving” possibly be offensive, let alone racist?

Students at the University of Oregon are so offended by the traditional American celebration they are taking down the holiday with its “Thanks But No Thanks-giving: Decolonizing an American Holiday” event.

The University of Oregon’s student-run event proclaimed Thanksgiving a “celebration” of “ongoing genocide” of “ongoing genocide” claimed that their alternative event would assist people with raising their "critical consciousness and identifying ways to decolonize the holiday.”

According to the school's description:

“The main messages are that of gratitude, food, and family; however, Thanksgiving is, foundationally speaking, a celebration of the ongoing genocide against native peoples and cultures across the globe.”

But it is a shame that these Oregon students weren’t at the first Thanksgiving to help the native Americans “decolonize” their celebrations.

 liberal  college students  thanksgiving is a    racist    holiday   watch © press

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The campus reform, describing itself as a “watchdog to the nation’s higher education system,” sent reporter Josiah Tejada to ask students whether they consider Thanksgiving as racist or celebrates genocide.

“Honestly, like, I’m not super educated on the topic, but I just know that it has to do with the way the settlers treated the natives who lived here,” one student told him.

“There’s definitely a racist history to Thanksgiving, and that should probably definitely be addressed more in education,” another said.

Another student declared Thanksgiving was “racist” because “we’re celebrating taking away land from natives.”

this angry liberal is left speechless after learning nazis were socialists © press
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“It doesn’t have to be not celebrated, but if we can change it to instead of feeding ourselves maybe feeding the natives or donating to natives. Do we need a giant feast?” she added.

“The whole concept with, like, taking land and assigning a value to it through cost is, like, it was different through European cultures,” another student told Campus Reform.

One student seemed to talk some sense:

“Growing up in school they routinely talked about the contributions that native Americans had toward the first Thanksgiving and the reason why we even celebrate it to begin with, so if you want to make that a bigger portion of it, that makes sense.”

One thing the students should be thankful is that they live in America - a great country.

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