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Anonymous Exposes Huge Online Censorship Psyop Funded By UK and US

Group released documents on November 5 exposing the UK-based 'Integrity Initiative

 on 23rd November 2018 @ 6.00pm
group released documents on november 5 exposing the uk based  integrity initiative © press
Group released documents on November 5 exposing the UK-based 'Integrity Initiative

Hacktivist group Anonymous has published explosive documents which it claims uncovered a massive UK-led psyop to create "large-scale information secret service" in Europe - under the guise of "countering Russian propaganda."

The group released documents on November 5 exposing the UK-based 'Integrity Initiative,' founded by the ominously titled Institute for Statecraft in 2015.

The main objective was "To provide a coordinated Western response to Russian disinformation and other elements of hybrid warfare."

The Institute for Statecraft is affiliated with the NATO HQ Public Diplomacy Division and the Home Office-funded 'Prevent' program.

Working on a budget of £1.9 million (US$2.4 million) - the undercover Integrity Initiative consists of "clusters" of local politicians, military personnel, scientists, academics and journalists.

anonymous exposes huge online censorship psyop funded by uk and us © press

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The team is committed to searching for and distributing "evidence" of Russian meddling in European affairs, but all the while covertly influencing leadership behind the scenes.

It seems that the UK establishment is leading the very activities of which it is accusing the Kremlin of while having little to no evidence.

The program's goal is to "change attitudes in Russia itself" and influence Russian speakers in the EU and North America, according to one of the leaked documents.

The vast network has clusters or Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Serbia, Spain, and Montenegro.

Major plans to expand the sphere of control throughout eastern Europe the US, Canada, and even e MENA region are already in motion, according to the Anonymous leak.

anonymous exposes huge online censorship psyop funded by uk and us © press

The work of the clusters id conducted under absolute secrecy via hidden contacts throughout British embassies, the leaks claim.

According to the documents, the Integrity Initiative declares that sharing investigations of alleged "Russian attacks" with other countries in the network at a governmental level would strengthen international "collaboration and Alliance cohesion."

The initiative maintains it is not a government body, yet works with unnamed British "government agencies."

The initiative received £168,000 in funding from HQ NATO Public Diplomacy and a further £250,000 from the US State Department.

Some of the supposed members include British MPs and high-profile "independent" journalists with an affinity for anti-Russian sentiment in their online oeuvre.

The documents reveal the 'Moncloa Campaign' was implemented by the group's Spanish cluster to block the appointment of Colonel Pedro Banos as director of Spain's Department of Homeland Security.

I just took a seven-and-a-half hour campaign, ignited by several high-profile Spanish journalists affiliated with the undercover group.

Anonymous warns that the case highlights just one example of how such operations can be carried out in numerous other EU states.

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