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Hillary Clinton: Stacey Abrams Would Be Georgia Governor If 'Election Was Fair'

Clinton slams Trump after receiving an award at Abrams' alma mater

 on 14th November 2018 @ 9.00pm
clinton slams trump after receiving an award at abrams  alma mater © press
Clinton slams Trump after receiving an award at Abrams' alma mater

Failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused Georgia of swinging the election for the Republican candidate for governor as Democrat Stacey Abrams was unable to win the votes.

Clinton said after receiving an award at Abrams' alma mater, the LBJ School of Public Affairs at UT-Austin on Tuesday: 'If she had a fair election, she already would have won.'

The former first lady attempted to take a swipe at Donald Trump accusing him of spreading 'deliberate falsehoods' like the 'sie of inauguration crowds'

'I’ve been to many inaugurations,' said Clinton.

'The crowd wasn’t that big.'

hillary clinton  stacey abrams would be georgia governor if  election was fair © press

According to the DM: She also claimed that Trump, who she referred to but never directly named, was trying to 'confuse people, disorient people, and change the environment in which we make decisions' and argued that women running for office are still held to a different standard than men.

'Everything becomes a way of presenting yourself and protecting yourself. The clothes you have and the hairstyle you wear.

All of that is a persona you present,' the Dallas Morning News says Clinton told the crowd.

'You're well aware you're going to be judged by it.'

The newspaper says that Clinton deflected when asked if she intended to seek political office again.

Chatter about who could challenge Trump in 2020 is on the rise, even as returns in several 2018 elections are still being assessed.

In Georgia, the race Abrams is trying to keep the track from being called for Kemp until all outstanding ballots have been counted.

Unofficial returns show Kemp leading by a margin that would make the former secretary of state -- he resigned in anticipation of becoming governor -- the victor in the acrimonious statewide campaign.

But Abrams maintains that enough outstanding votes remain to pull Kemp below the majority threshold and force a December 4 runoff.

hillary clinton  stacey abrams would be georgia governor if  election was fair © press

A Federal Judge has ordered Georgia to wait until Friday to certify the results of the midterm elections amid concerns about the state’s voter registration system and the handling of provisional ballots.

US District Judge Amy Totenberg ruled late Monday that Georgia must not certify the election results before Friday at 5 pm, which falls before the November 20 deadline set by state law.

Totenberg also ordered the secretary of state’s office to establish a hotline or website where voters can check whether their provisional ballots were counted.

It accuses Kemp, who was the state’s top elections official until he resigned as secretary of state last week, of acting recklessly after a vulnerability in Georgia’s voter registration database was exposed shortly before the election.

Kemp’s actions increased the risk that eligible voters could be illegally removed from the voter registration database or have registration information illegally altered, the lawsuit states.

Sara Henderson, executive director of Common Cause Georgia, said in an emailed statement that the ruling helps increase voter confidence in elections.

What a spokeswoman for the secretary of state’s office did not respond to an email sent late Monday seeking comment.

Abrams explained her refusal to end her bid to become the first black woman elected governor in American history.

In a statement, she said: 'I am fighting to make sure our democracy works for and represents everyone who has ever put their faith in it.

'I am fighting for every Georgian who cast a ballot with the promise that their vote would count'.

Kemp’s campaign retorted that Abrams’ latest effort is 'a disgrace to democracy' and ignores mathematical realities.

'Clearly, Stacey Abrams isn’t ready for her 15 minutes of fame to end,' said Kemp spokesman Ryan Mahoney.

As of Monday evening, a hearing had not been scheduled for arguments in the case, but Abrams’ campaign was expecting a federal court in Atlanta to set a Tuesday hearing given the time sensitivity.

Unofficial returns show Kemp with a lead just shy of 60,000 votes out of more than 3.9 million cast.

Abrams would need a net gain of about 21,000 votes to force a December 4 runoff.

The Georgia race along with Florida’s gubernatorial and Senate matchups that are requiring recounts are among the final measures of a midterm election cycle that already has allowed Democrats to deal serious blows to President Donald Trump.

Democrats already have won the House, flipped seven governor’s seats and reclaimed more than 300 state legislative seats in statehouses around the country.

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