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Democrat Ally Louis Farrakhan Leads 'Death to America, Israel' Chants in Iran

Notorious American anti-Semite and Nation of Islam leader slams US during Iran visit

 on 6th November 2018 @ 3.00pm
louis farrakhan led a chant of  death to america  during a speech in iran © press
Louis Farrakhan led a chant of 'Death to America' during a speech in Iran

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a notorious American anti-Semite and ally of prominent Democrats, has been filmed leading a chant of "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" while on an official visit to Iran.

Farrakhan, who recently compared Jewish people to termites, led the chants on Sunday while giving a speech at a university during a solidarity trip to Iran.

The left has long been criticized for their association with the controversial leader and their refusal to disavow him.

In August, extremist Farrakhan caused outrage when he was awarded a front row seat alongside former President Bill Clinton at Aretha Franklin's star-studded funeral.

Farrakhan also drew condemnation last month for remarks he made on Twitter in which he said: "I'm not an anti-Semite. I'm anti-Termite."

Following the emergence of Farrakhan's latest anti-American stunt, Donald Trump Jr. has slammed Democrats for their ongoing refusal to condemn the Nation of Islam leader.

Linking to an article reporting on Farrakhan's "Death to America" chant, Trump Jr. tweeted:

"When will the democrats disavow this guy? Answer: NEVER."

bill clinton shared a stage with louis farrakhan during aretha franklin s funeral © press
Bill Clinton shared a stage with Louis Farrakhan during Aretha Franklin's funeral

According to The Hill, Trump Jr. has taken aim at the some on the left for their association with Farrakhan.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) and former President Obama came under fire for their participation in and defense of the Million Man March in 1995, led by Farrakhan.

"All good people have to come out and condemn, but especially people who participated in the Million Man March in 1995, headed by Farrakhan, which really made him prominent in American politics," Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, an opinion contributor to The Hill, said after Farrakhan's termite tweet.

"People like Barack Obama participated in the March and proudly defended it," Dershowitz said last month.

"People like Keith Ellison, who worked closely with Farrakhan, these folks have a special obligation to condemn."

According to Fox News, Farrakhan's trip came ahead of the Trump administration's re-implementation of U.S. sanctions against the Islamic Republic on Monday.

Speaking to law school students at the University of Tehran, the 85-year-old Farrakhan said “America has never been a democracy,” and also led a “Death to Israel” chant at the end of his talk, according to Iranian news agencies.

“Today, I warn the American government that sanctioning Iran is a big mistake,” he said at a meeting with the Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council, Mohsen Rezaei.

Farrakhan noted his belief America is conspiring against Iran.

barack obama and his former ag eric holder pose for photo ops with louis farrakhan © press
Barack Obama and his former AG Eric Holder pose for photo ops with Louis Farrakhan

Farrakhan's trip coincided with the 39th anniversary of the 1979 seizure of the U.S. embassy in Tehran when more than 50 American diplomats and civilians were held hostage for 444 days.

The incident kicked off the Islamic Revolution, and Farrakhan told an Iranian audience that black Americans should be considered among the revolutionaries.

The infamous activist cited the actions of Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, who ordered the release of black Americans among the 1979 captives.

Video of Farrakhan leading a “Death to America” chant once again sparked calls for Democratic leaders to distance themselves from the controversial figure.

Several prominent Democrats, including former President Barack Obama, have interacted or taken pictures with Farrakhan.

Donald Trump Jr. slammed Democrats Monday on Twitter.

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz called on “all decent people” to condemn Farrakhan after he tweeted he wasn’t anti-Semite but “anti-termite.”

"Nazis use the word 'termites' to dehumanize Jews and accuse them of destroying everything good about the world," Dershowitz explained on "FOX & Friends."

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, known as America’s Rabbi, also called on leaders to condemn him.

“A new low for arch Jew-hater Farrakhan,” Boteach tweeted.

“Who has heard of an American going to a foreign country and chanting ‘Death to America?’ Where is Bill Clinton who appeared with him recently, and Barack Obama, photographed with him, and Cory Booker to condemn him?”

Farrakhan has previously said “powerful Jews are my enemy” and “white folks are going down.”

Linda Sarsour, a Women’s March co-founder and pro-Palestinian activist, has repeatedly praised Farrakhan and refused to condemn him.

Tamika Mallory, another Women’s March leader, called him the “GOAT” or “Greatest of all time,” and served as a national organizer for his “Justice or Else” rally in 2015.

Israeli activist, Hen Mazzig, tweeted out video of the "Death to America" chant.

"Nothing, Linda Sarsour?" Mazzig wrote.

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