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George Soros Boasted of Spending $500 Million on 'Migrants on the Move' in 2016

Billionaire globalist said he would spend half a billion on funding migration

 on 6th November 2018 @ 12.00am
in 2016  george soros said he was spending  500 million on helping migrants on the move © press
In 2016, George Soros said he was spending $500 million on helping migrants on the move

Billionaire globalist George Soros boasted in 2016 that he was budgeting $500 million to fund "migrants on the move," according to a recently reemerged column he authored for the Wall Street Journal.

The major Democratic donor explained that “harnessing the power of the private sector” is crucial to support the “tens of millions of people [who] are on the move, fleeing their home countries in search of a better life abroad.”

The article in the WSJ seems to bolster claims that Soros could be funding the caravans of thousands of migrants currently making their way toward the US Southern Border.

With backing from the liberal media, Soros claims to be the victim of "right-wing conspiracy theories" that "vilify" him for aiding the asylum seekers and their mission to gain entry to the United States.

However, a little over two years ago, Soros wrote in The Wall Street Journal:

“I have decided to earmark $500 million for investments that specifically address the needs of migrants, refugees, and host communities.

“I will invest in startups, established companies, social-impact initiatives and businesses founded by migrants and refugees themselves.

"Although my main concern is to help migrants and refugees arriving in Europe, I will be looking for good investment ideas that will benefit migrants all over the world.

“We will also work closely with organizations such as the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Rescue Committee to establish principles to guide our investments,” he added.

george soros claims he has been  unfairly vilified  by  right wing conspiracy theories © press
George Soros claims he has been 'unfairly vilified' by 'right wing conspiracy theories'

According to the Daily Caller, The New York Times reported on Oct. 31 that “Mr. Soros is being heatedly if implausibly, cast as the financier of the immigrant caravan, a deep-state presence in the federal bureaucracy and the hidden hand behind the protests against Mr. Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.”

That article was referring to the thousands of migrants traveling on trucks from Honduras, who are so organized that they have filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump before even reaching U.S. soil.

The Times said conservatives’ fascination with Soros, who survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary, stemmed from the “fringe” and attributed it in part to anti-Semitism.

But The Times also acknowledged that Soros has contributed $75 million to federal candidates and political committees, as well as $32 billion to his liberal-leaning Open Society Foundations.

And Israel, a nation of refugees, has benefited little from his largess.

george soros has been accused of funding the central american migrant caravans © press
George Soros has been accused of funding the Central American migrant caravans

In 2017, Israel’s foreign ministry issued a statement accusing Soros of continuously undermining Israel’s democratically elected governments” by his funding of organizations “that defame the Jewish state and seek to deny it the right to defend itself.”

Instead, according to Tablet Magazine:

[T]he Soros network has given $2,688,561 in 14 grants since 2001 to Adalah. A self-described “independent human rights organization” that has been instrumental in accusing Israel of war crimes on numerous occasions in international forums, Adalah has called on governments the world over to sever or downgrade their diplomatic relations with Israel.

An additional $1,083,000 in nine grants since 2003 went to I’lam, a Nazareth-based Palestinian media center. In a 2014 publication about the Nakba—the name Palestinians give the creation of the state of Israel, literally meaning “catastrophe”—the center accused Israel of ethnic cleansing and argued that “the practical meaning of the Nakba undermines the moral and ethical foundation of Zionism and, hence, of the State of Israel.”

A 2004 op-ed in The Wall Street Journal quoted Soros on the scope of his ambitions:

Mr. Soros has admitted to having “carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise they might get me in trouble.”

Having made his mark, he now seems to give them free rein. He told one interviewer that he had “godlike, messianic ideas,” and another that he sometimes thought of himself as “superhuman.”

To still a third he explained that his “goal is to become the conscience of the world.”

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