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Dangers Of WiFi: The Silent Killer No One Is Talking About

One of the dangers of WIFI is it can detrimental to the overall health,

 on 5th November 2018 @ 11.00pm
one of the dangers of wifi is it can detrimental to the overall health © press
One of the dangers of WIFI is it can detrimental to the overall health,

Nearly everyone has a WIFI router in their home these days, but while having access to the internet is a great tool, there are also a few safety concerns about the dangers of WIFI.

One of the dangers of WIFI is it can detrimental to the overall health, especially in children.

People who put WIFI routers in or near their children’s bedrooms need to understand what type of frequencies the device is giving off before aking such decision.

Dangers of WIFI on Childhood Development

The non-thermal radio frequency radiation from Wi-Fi can interrupt regular cellular development, especially fetal development.

This radiation impacts growing tissues, such as in kids and youth.

Consequently, they would be more susceptible than average to the described results and are at higher risk of developmental concerns.

dangers of wifi  the silent killer no one is talking about © press

Adds to the Development of Insomnia

Wi-Fi has also a terrific result on sleep. If you feel like you can not fall asleep, have an irregular sleeping pattern, it may be due to the low-frequency modulation of cellular phone and Wi-Fi.

Individuals who are exposed to electromagnetic radiation have a considerably harder time going to sleep. And all of us know that sleep deprivation can be damaging to the health.

Agitates Brain Function

Wi-Fi affects the concentration and brain function.

So, the brain activity is lowered, and as a result, you might experience difficulty focusing or have memory loss.

Reduces the effects of Sperm

Wi-Fi is another factor which hazards male’s potency.

Thus, exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies minimize sperm movement and cause DNA fragmentation. Moreover, it may impact fertility or increase the danger of unusual pregnancy.

Causes Cardiac Stress

Many individuals experience a real physical response to electromagnetic frequencies, including increased heart rate. For that reason, Wi-Fi boosts the danger of heart diseases.

Increases the Risk of Cancer

dangers of wifi  the silent killer no one is talking about © press

The direct exposure to electromagnetic radiation increases the threat of cancer growth development.

Dangers of Wi-Fi Radiation: How To Protect Yourself
People Over 40 Should Only Work 3 Days a Week, Experts Say
Fortunately, there are ways you can protect yourself from the dangers of WIFI, including:

Prevent positioning a cordless router in your kitchen or bedroom.
Do not keep the phone in your pocket.
Usage of wired phones when at home, to minimize electromagnetic radiation.
If you’re pregnant, don’t keep the phone near the belly.
Ensure you keep your phone at the other end of the space, or on the seat of the vehicle.
Usage texting more than talking.
Do not utilize wireless infant screens, as they all operate on microwave frequency.
Detach all Wi-Fi devices prior to falling asleep.
A group of 9th-grade students has accidentally exposed the damaging effects of WIFI in a school experiment.
We have long urged students to find ways to get in touch with their school work, making it intriguing and individual, holding their attention longer and allowing them to see more success.

This held true at a school in northern Jutland, where a group of 9th-grade students launched a biology experiment to find if a student’s poor concentration was a result of the damaging effects of wifi.

Lea Nielsen, among the trainees, discussed:

“We all believe we have experienced difficulty concentrating in school, if we had slept with the phone beside our head, and in some cases likewise experienced having difficulty sleeping.”

Curious about the shared experience, the group of girls created an experiment to examine the impact of wi-fi radiation on living cells. Specifically, they chose to use cress seeds.

Taking 400 seeds, they separated them out throughout 12 various trays.

Six of the trays were placed in each of 2 spaces.

Both spaces were kept at the same temperature level, and both sets of trays were provided the same amount of water and access to sunlight throughout the experiment.

The one difference between the two rooms, creating the basis for their experiment, is that the trays in one room were put next to 2 Wi-Fi routers.

The Wi-Fi routers transmit the same kind of radiation that can be observed coming from our cellphones, permitting the trainees to recreate the impact of sleeping with your phone on your night table, besides your head.

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