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Police Warn Parents of Meth Pills Disguised as Candy: 'Check Halloween Treats'

Officials issue warning to check children's Halloween candy for potentially deadly pills

 on 29th October 2018 @ 5.00pm
police are warning parents to check children s halloween candy for meth pills © press
Police are warning parents to check children's Halloween candy for meth pills

Police have just issued a disturbing warning to parents, saying to check their children's Halloween treats for meth pills that have been disguised to look like candy.

The Dublin Police Department in Georgia has warned of candy-shaped pills in circulation that that may be used to spike kids' treats during this Halloween "trick-or-treat" season.

The department posted a warning on its Facebook page urging parents to be vigilant.

The meth-pills have been designed to look like SweetTarts and will most likely fool many youngsters.

police warn the meth pills are disguised as innocent candy © press
Police warn the meth pills are disguised as innocent candy

These SweetTart look-alike meth pills are finding their way into the hands of some children already, according to KMOV.

In a Facebook post by the Dublin Police, a harsh warning was given to parents about staying alert.

“Please be aware that the Dublin Police Department is seeing methamphetamine pills in our community,” the Facebook post read.

“These pills are stamped and resembled to look like specific candies.

"Please make sure you check your children’s candy and report any suspicions to the Dublin Police Department.”

police chief chapman warns parents everywhere need to be vigilant during halloween season © press
Police chief Chapman warns parents everywhere need to be vigilant during Halloween season

According to Western Journal, while the incident seems to be isolated to Dublin, parents everywhere should heed some caution with their children this Halloween.

This is just another reminder to parents to inspect the candy that their children receive from strangers during trick-or-treating.

While your children may be fast to eat that candy right up, take a moment to look for anything that seems suspicious.

With this small precaution, you can prevent your children from ingesting something they shouldn’t, so they can have a safe and fun Halloween without consequences.

If you see something suspicious in your children’s candy, notify your local police department.

May you and your children have a Happy Halloween that is scary — but not too scary. Boo!

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