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Corey Booker: Canada is More American than America

Democrats claims Canadians are 'out-Americaning' the United States

 on 20th October 2018 @ 1.00am
corey booker says canada is  out americaning  america because of college © press
Corey Booker says Canada is 'out-Americaning' America because of college

Democrat Corey Booker has slammed the United States, claiming that Canada is more American than America.

Democratic New Jersey Senator "Spartacus" Booker claimed during a speech on Thursday that Canadians are "out-Americaning" the US due to the cost of college.

"Other people talking about college debt, you've got to be kidding me," Booker whilst speaking at Allen University in South Carolina, NTK Network reported.


"Every country we are competing with is driving down the cost of college," Booker continued.

"Germany – it cost between zero and four percent of median income to go to college. Canada – I can’t stand how they’re out-Americaning us in Canada.

"Trudeau, give me a break, it costs about six to seven percent median income to go to college."

"What does it cost in America?" Booker asked the audience.

"Fifty-two percent of median income.

"Why are other nations out-Americaning us?

"Why are they out-investing infrastructure the way we used to?

"Why are they out-investing in research and development the way we used to?

"Why are they out-investing in education the way we used to?"

u s  senator cory booker  d nj  objects to the nomination of supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh © press
U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) objects to the nomination of Supreme Court nominee judge Brett Kavanaugh

According to the Daily Wire, Booker claimed that other nations were outdoing the U.S. in all these categories because they want to build a great economy for everybody and the U.S. doesn't want to.

the us economy is booming under trump s presidency © press
The US economy is booming under Trump's presidency

Booker's claim that the U.S. doesn't want to build a great economy for everyone is laughable at best considering a new report that was released this week from the World Economic Forum.

The United States was declared the world's most competitive economy, a spot that the U.S. has not held since 2008.

READ MORE: US Crowned the World's Most Competitive Economy at World Economic Forum

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