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Pedophile Cannibal Ate Man’s Brain and Fed Body Parts to 12-Year-Old Victim

Mans head was discovered in the oven apartment in Novena village

 on 4th October 2018 @ 8.56pm
mans head was discovered in the oven apartment in novena village © press
Mans head was discovered in the oven apartment in Novena village

A suspected pedophile and cannibal have been arrested in Russia for "cooking a man’s brain and eating his body parts" insisting that there "nothing else to eat."

A 12 years old girl said to be his victim, was also taken by police into custody.

The young girl had been reported as missing by her parent in her hometown of Sochi.

The 22-year-old man claimed the pair were in a relationship.

The pair, who have yet to be identified, have been accused of cooking the brains of Alexander Popovic, whose head was discovered in the oven apartment in Novena village, not far from St Petersburg.

pedophile cannibal ate man   s brain and fed body parts to 12 year old victim © press

According to The Express: It is understood the 22-year-old man and the girl had been staying in Mr. Popovic's flat at the time of his death.

The man and young girl told the police: “There was nothing else to eat."

Police have said that the pair were arrested after they attempted to set their flat on fire.

The victim had axe wounds evident on his chest and parts of his heart and internal organs had been extracted.

The victim's brother said: "I climbed inside through a window.

pedophile cannibal ate man   s brain and fed body parts to 12 year old victim © press

"It was a mess there as if the apartment had been robbed. Then I saw something covered with a blanket and in blood.

"I did not know it was him, I rushed out. I was in a panic. My only thought was – please don't let it be him.

"I called a neighbor, and he forced open the door. With two neighbors, a man and a woman, we got inside. I immediately understood that it was my brother there."

A Russian police report said: “A man and an underage girl are suspected of the cruel murder and dismembering a 21-year-old citizen of Novinka village of Leningrad region.

“The investigators are also checking the information about suspects eating body parts of the killed man.”

The man will stand trial for having sex with an underage girl, according to Russian police, which carries a ten-year maximum sentence.

He could also face charges of killing and dismembering the body, with a maximum of 15 years in jail.

In 2017, a cannibal family in Russia confessed to killing and consuming at least 30 people in Russia.

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