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Swetnick Gave Dead Person's Name as 'Witness' to Her Kavanaugh Accusations

Third accuser, Julie Swetnick's corroborating witnessed is deceased

 on 4th October 2018 @ 1.00am
julie swetnick named a dead person as a witness who can corroborate her story © press
Julie Swetnick named a dead person as a witness who can corroborate her story

Julie Swetnick's allegations of sexual misconduct against Judge Brett Kavanaugh have now become so flimsy, that you'd have to be blinded by anti-Trump rage not to see through it.

Aside from her timeline being way off reality, and an ex-boyfriend coming forward saying she's a "liar" with an "obsession with lawsuits," now it has emerged that a person she named as someone who can back up her story is dead.

Out of the other three people she named to corroborate her story, two didn't respond and the other denied even knowing her.

And to top it all off, Swetnick's attorney, creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti, has now released another statement of allegations from a new "anonymous accuser."

You literally couldn't make this up.

julie swetnick has clearly fabricated the allegations against judge kavanaugh © press
Julie Swetnick has clearly fabricated the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh

According to Western Journal, no proof has been offered to back up her account, and she has not named any additional witnesses. Despite the lack of any evidence, NBC decided to publish her allegations.

Swetnick’s account raises red flags from the very beginning.

Her “firm recollection of seeing boys lined up outside rooms,” waiting for their “turn” with an incapacitated girl describes a truly horrific event.

The appeal of the party atmosphere must have also been enough to overcome her hesitations, as Swetnick continued going to the events despite the apparent spiked punch and rape.

The “gang rape” wasn’t a fluke, either. She admits to seeing the behavior at “many of these parties.”

Kavanaugh, described by Swetnick as a “very mean drunk,” was supposedly present at these parties with his friend Mark Judge.

Although she claims to have witnessed multiple inconceivably scarring sexual assaults and knows exactly who the attackers are, it didn’t bother her enough to call the police at the time.

Swetnick’s ex-boyfriend, Richard Vinneccy, spoke on the matter, saying “I know a lot about her. She’s not credible at all.”

He describes Swetnick as an emotionally abusive woman who “always wanted to be the center of attention.”

“She was exaggerating everything. Everything that came out of her mouth was just exaggerations.”

After breaking up with her, the nightmare wasn’t over for Vinneccy.

swetnick is represented by creepy porn lawyer michael avenatti © press
Swetnick is represented by creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti

Swetnick would call him repeatedly after the split. She even threatened to kill his unborn child.

Vinneccy and his family had to eventually change their numbers and move to escape her.

“After that, we never heard from her again,” he said.

Kavanaugh says Julie Swetnick’s allegations are false, reminding him more of a “Twilight Zone” episode than reality.

With all of the evidence stacked against Swetnick, it seems these allegations will roll right off of Kavanaugh.

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