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EU Brexit Chief: We Will NEVER Allow the UK To Control Its Own Borders

Liberal and federalist Guy Verhofstadt attacked senior members of the Tory Party

 on 3rd October 2018 @ 8.00pm
liberal and federalist guy verhofstadt attacked senior members of the tory party © press
Liberal and federalist Guy Verhofstadt attacked senior members of the Tory Party

The European Union chief and Brexit coordinator has said he will "never" allow the UK to control its own borders, claiming that a system based on choosing "skilled people" to come into the country is “discrimination."

Liberal and federalist Guy Verhofstadt attacked senior members of the Tory Party before rejecting proposals from leadership favorite Boris Johnso.

Verhofstadt then claimed that “enough mess has been created” by Brexit already, adding “let’s stop it”, before criticizing the actions of the Conservative Party.

eu brexit chief  we will never allow the uk to control its own borders © press

Breitbart reports: On Tuesday, home secretary Sajid Javid announced strategies to prioritize immigrants’ skills, rather than their country of origin, in a post-Brexit shake-up of the visa policy and immigration.

The government claimed the move would bring down numbers by capping unskilled migration.

However, critics said numbers could go up as more skilled migrants would be allowed in as businesses would be handed more power.

Mr Verhofstadt rejected the proposals outright, insisting the bloc “will never accept discrimination based on skills and nationality, as Mr Javid this morning proposed”.

Launching an extraordinary attack on senior Conservatives, he continued: “When you see these insane notions of some Tory politicians of the last days: Boris Johnson, his latest invention, you have seen that?

“He will solve the problem by building a bridge between the UK mainland and Ireland. Mr Boris Johnson is more known for burning bridges than for building bridges!

“Then there’s Mr Rees-Mogg who’s saying ‘yeah, I have the proposals for the future of Brexit, ordinary citizens and their savings can be secure after Brexit!’ and in the meantime he’s opening for himself an investment fund in Ireland, to transfer his money to Ireland.”

He added: “Jeremy Hunt, who is comparing the European Union with the Soviet Union. But in his case that is not so abnormal: he has once even confused Japan with China. This is not the first time this is happening.

“The previous time he was insulting his wife, but this time it’s something far more different: he’s insulting not us, but millions of ordinary citizens who have lived under Soviet rule for so long.

“That is, in fact, a point on which he has to apologise, I think because we cannot take it as such a thing he said.”

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