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Christine Blasey Ford Coached Friend for Polygraph, Ex-Boyfriend Testifies

Dr. Ford had no fear of flying or small spaces, ex of 6 years says in sworn statement

 on 3rd October 2018 @ 3.25pm
dr  ford s ex boyfriend has testified that she trained a friend for a polygraph test © press
Dr. Ford's ex-boyfriend has testified that she trained a friend for a polygraph test

As Christine Blasey Ford's historic testimony before the Senate last week grows weaker by the day, a man who was in a six-year-long relationship with Judge Kavanaugh's accuser has given a sworn testimony that directly contradicts Ford's statements.

The unnamed man, who was in a relationship with Dr. Ford from 1992 to 1998, has testified that she once trained a close friend using her psychology training to prepare for a polygraph test.

The California man declares in a sworn statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee dated Tuesday, that Ford also has no fear as flying, nor does she have any fear small spaces or rooms with single exits.

Ford's ex says he met the then-Christine Blasey “in 1989 or 1990,” and later became romantically involved with her for around six years from 1992 to 1998.

dr  ford s ex boyfriend s statement directly contradicts her story © press
Dr. Ford's ex-boyfriend's statement directly contradicts her story

The man claims to have witnessed Ford, who was studying psychology at the time, coach a close friend as she was preparing for government-administered polygraph exams.

Fox News’s Shannon Bream posted a redacted version of the letter on Twitter:

judge kavanaugh gave a moving testimony as he fought to clear his name © press
Judge Kavanaugh gave a moving testimony as he fought to clear his name

According to Breitbart, the man’s claims appear to contradict Ford’s testimony under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, where she told outside counsel Rachel Mitchell that she “never” gave “tips or advice to somebody looking to take a polygraph test.”

The alleged ex-boyfriend also claims that Ford frequently flew, including in small propeller aircraft, without complaint over the course of their relationship and had no fear of small spaces or rooms with only one exit.

Ford’s claims that phobias of these things have plagued her since the early 1980s as a result of a 17-year-old Kavanaugh attacking her have been central elements of her story.

Further, the man claims Ford never mentioned being a victim of sexual assault in the eight years they knew each other and never once mentioned Kavanaugh’s name.

Finally, he claims their relationship ended amid infidelity and credit card fraud on her part. 

He does, however, claim that he “finds Ford believable” and did not “want to become involved” with the investigatory process.

Exactly when the Senate Judiciary Committee staff came into possession of the letter is not clear.

Mitchell’s specific questioning about polygraph preparation during Ford’s committee testimony, however, may indicate committee staff had some knowledge of the allegations laid out in the letter at least as early as last week.

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