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Julie Swetnick Explains Why She Accused Kavanaugh: Her Story is Full of Holes

Judge Kavanaugh's third accuser's timeline doesn't make any sense

 on 3rd October 2018 @ 12.00am
julie swetnick s timeline doesn t even come close to adding up as she explains her rationale © press
Julie Swetnick's timeline doesn't even come close to adding up as she explains her rationale

During an interview with Julie Swetnick, Judge Kavanaugh's third accuser attempts to explain her rationale behind making allegations of sexual misconduct against the Supreme Court nominee, yet the timeline in her story doesn't even come close to adding up.

Swetnick, who was described by her ex-boyfriend as a "liar" with an "obsession with lawsuits," was asked during an interview with NBC News what motivated her to come forward with the accusations against Kavanaugh.

In response, Swetnick reels off a timeline of events that triggered her to speak out, such as news that Kavanaugh was being shortlisted for the Supreme Court and Christine Blasey Ford going public with her allegations.

In the interview with NBC’s Kate Snow that aired on Monday night, the events she described were weeks, and even months away from the timeline she suggests.


“I wouldn’t be here today except for about six weeks ago, I happened to learn about Brett Kavanaugh becoming one of the people who was shortlisted to go to the Supreme Court,” Swetnick said.

since making accusations against kavanaugh  julie swetnick s suspicious past has come to light © press
Since making accusations against Kavanaugh, Julie Swetnick's suspicious past has come to light

According to The Daily Caller, Kavanaugh was nominated for the Supreme Court back on July 9, exactly twelve weeks ago from Monday.

So, Kavanaugh was already have been nominated at the time she referenced, not “one of the people who was shortlisted.”

Snow followed up, “This is in July, summer?”

Swetnick responded, “I don’t remember exactly.

"But it was about six weeks ago.

"And then I became aware of Dr. Ford and her description of what had happened to her at a party one time, that also had Brett Kavanaugh involved.

"And I started to think back to my days when I was, in the early ‘80s in Montgomery County in Maryland.”

christine blasey ford s story wasn t public until september 16 © press
Christine Blasey Ford's story wasn't public until September 16

Six weeks ago from Monday would be August 20.

However, Ford did not come out publicly with the accusations until September 16 in a Washington Post story, which was just over two weeks ago.

“So you only thought about coming forward when you learned about Dr. Ford,” Snow asked.

Swetnick replied, “Yes. Because I did not know how close Brett Kavanaugh was to possibly becoming the next Supreme Court justice.”

“I just want to get the timeline right about this, because he was nominated in July,” Snow points out.

“Christine Ford, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, came forward in ‘The Washington Post’ more recently in September. So was it in September that you —”

“It’s been several weeks,” Swetnick said.

Again, Ford’s accusations only became public knowledge approximately two weeks ago.

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