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Body Language Expert: Christine Blasey Ford is Mentally Unfit, She Was Acting

Analysis finds multiple lies, expert insists there's 'something wrong with her mentally'

 on 2nd October 2018 @ 12.00am
a body language expert insists  something s wrong mentally  with dr  ford © press
A body language expert insists 'something's wrong mentally' with Dr. Ford

Following her historic testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, leveraging allegations of sexual misconduct against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, major plot holes have emerged in Christine Blasey Ford's statements.

While her croaky-voiced accusations left many calling for an end to Kavanaugh's nomination process for the Supreme Court, Dr. Ford's sweet-and-innocent routine and ping-pong of emotions left those with their critical functions still intact, increasingly suspicious.

Although her eyes may have been obscured by those over-sized glasses during the "crying parts," it was plain for all to see that there were no tears.

Now a body language expert has conducted an analysis of Ford's testimony and found that she was "acting" though most of her statement, told several lies, and exhibited indications that there's "something wrong with her, mentally."

The same expert conducted the same analysis of Judge Kavanaugh's testimony and found that his body language was "consistent with someone telling the truth."


christine blasey ford claims that judge brett kavanaugh assaulted her sometime in the 1980s © press
Christine Blasey Ford claims that Judge Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her sometime in the 1980s

According to TurtleBoy, Dr. Ford's innocent little white girl voice was a dead giveaway.

This is allegedly an empowered woman.

A doctor, a professor, and a therapist.

Yet the way she was talking the whole time was CLEARLY designed to get you to feel sympathy for her.

As the body language expert points out, she was trying to act like an innocent child.

Adults are predisposed to protect and believe little kids.

So if you act like a kid, they won’t focus on the inconsistencies in your story, they’ll focus on the way you’re telling it.

She also did the “pretty pose” a billion times, in order to come across as likable and innocent and twisted in her chair a lot, which came across as childlike.

The Democrats, and even some Republicans, fell for that one hard.

Keep in mind, this woman counsels people about their trauma.

Is it really outside the realm of possibility that she is using a story that one of her clients told her during therapy?

I’m sure the FBI won’t bother going through all of her notes from meetings because they’re not out to prove that she’s lying.

They’re investigating Brett Kavanaugh.

But if they did, could they find something in there VERY similar to the story she’s giving now?

Then there was the croaky voice that she used from time to time during the "emotional bits" when she wanted to sound innocent and scared.

Yet as the body language expert pointed out at the 13:30 mark, she has a chance to clear her throat of whatever mucus is causing her to sound like that, and she doesn’t.

Clearly there was nothing in her throat that was causing her to do that.

It was all an act.

dr  ford was praised by the left for her testimony against judge kavanaugh © press
Dr. Ford was praised by the left for her testimony against Judge Kavanaugh

Points of note:

According to the body language expert, the way her eyes were moving when answering questions is not consistent with how someone's eyes would move if they were retrieving information.

At one point she looks to the Democratic side of the committee for an answer to a question:

She says that the music was blaring so that’s why no one could hear her scream.

So, what song was playing?

Why wasn’t that question asked?

Trauma victims remember details like that – the kind of bedsheets, where stuff is located in the room, and if there was music blaring that loudly she would definitely remember the song.

She’s acting like she was raped.

According to her story, this was an attempted rape.

A rape that she admits never actually happened.

Now she’s trying to make it seem like she lived through the Tet Offensive.

They are using a woman who is not well to destroy an innocent man’s life because they don’t want him on the Supreme Court.

Oh, and this same body language expert did the same analysis for Kavanaugh and she says his body language is consistent with someone who is telling the truth.

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