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Senator Cassidy: FBI Must Investigate Democrat Collusion to Smear Kavanaugh

Sen. Bill Cassidy calls for probe into Dems' tactics to disrupt confirmation process

 on 29th September 2018 @ 8.00pm
senator bill cassidy says the fbi must investigate collusion by democrats © press
Senator Bill Cassidy says the FBI must investigate collusion by Democrats

Following the order from Donald Trump for FBI to investigate the allegations of sexual assault against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Senator Bill Cassidy has called on investigators to probe the obvious collusion by senior Democrats to disrupt the Supreme Court confirmation process and smear the president's nominee.

After the historic testimony from accuser Christine Blasey Ford, followed by a moving statement from Kavanaugh as he fought to clear his name, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to delay the confirmation vote until after a federal investigation of the accusations.

Although the testimonies divided the Senate, and the nation, one thing has been certain since the claims first emerged: The Democrats have politicized the allegations and used them to derail the confirmation of Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court.

For key Dems, the FBI investigation has never been about finding facts or uncovering the truth.

kavanaugh gave an emotional statement as he fought to clear his name before the senate © press
Kavanaugh gave an emotional statement as he fought to clear his name before the Senate

According to Cassidy, if the Democrats priority was seeking justice for the accuser, they would have alerted law enforcement months ago, as soon as they learned of the claims.

Instead, they waited until the last minute to leak them in order to delay the vote.

That is why any FBI investigation of the allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh should include potential coordination between the Democrat operatives and lawyers that assisted in bringing them forth.

What Senate Democrats really want is more time to smear Judge Kavanaugh, regardless of the toll it takes on his wife, his daughters, and our country.

Democrats will not suddenly require evidence to declare Judge Kavanaugh guilty of being the worst kind of criminal.

They will not suddenly abandon their assumption that all accusations against Republicans are credible and to be believed.

If the FBI turns up nothing significant, they will say what Joe Biden said in 1991, that the FBI does not reach conclusions.

They will say the FBI did not have enough time to conduct a thorough investigation.

christine blasey ford gave a historical testimony before the senate this week © press
Christine Blasey Ford gave a historical testimony before the Senate this week

What they will not do is admit they were wrong to accuse Judge Kavanaugh of being a gang rapist, or a rapist, or a sexual assaulter, or a drunk, or a perjurer, or a hothead unfit for the bench.

If the delay facilitates new allegations from Michael Avenatti or someone else, it will not matter how ludicrous they are.

Democrats will instantly call them credible, demand more delays, more FBI resources, and more hearings.

They will attack anyone who disagrees.

Delay, delay, delay.

That’s all they want because their goal is to do anything and everything to smear any nominee — anyone — and block Republicans from appointing another justice to the Supreme Court.

We cannot and should not let that happen.

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