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Liberal 'Activist' Pours Bleach into Men's Crotches to 'Stop Manspreading'

Feminist attacks men on subway who sit with their legs apart in public

 on 26th September 2018 @ 12.15pm
20 year old liberal activist anna dovgalyuk attacks men who  manspread  with bleach © press
20-year-old liberal activist Anna Dovgalyuk attacks men who 'manspread' with bleach

A liberal "activist" has taken to the subway armed with bottles of diluted bleach to attack men who "manspread" in public.

The term "manspreading" was made famous by Hillary Clinton last year after she claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin was guilty of the practice - where a man sits with his legs apart - every time they met.

20-year-old Russian feminist Anna Dovgalyuk has taken Clinton's complaints one step further by pouring bleach into the crotches of men who sit with their legs apart on the St. Petersburg subway.

The law student filmed herself attacking unsuspecting men claiming they were committing acts of "gender aggression," and that sitting with legs apart on public transport is "a disgusting act."

dovgalyuk pours bleach into the crotch of an unsuspecting commuter © press
Dovgalyuk pours bleach into the crotch of an unsuspecting commuter

According to Metro, Dovgalyuk says that people are fighting against the practice across the world but it is being "hushed up" in Russia.

She said: "We not only cooled the manspreading down but also marked them with identification spots.

"So everyone can immediately understand which body part controls the behavior of these men.

"This solution is 30 times more concentrated than the mixture used by housewives when doing the laundry.

"It eats colors in the fabric in a matter of minutes – leaving indelible stains."

She claimed her video was dedicated "to all ‘men’ for whom manspreading is the norm of conduct."

The student claimed to be acting "on behalf of everyone who has to endure the manifestations of you declaring your macho qualities on public transportation."

dovgalyuk attacks men with bleach who sit with their legs apart on the subway © press
Dovgalyuk attacks men with bleach who sit with their legs apart on the subway

Calling herself a "social activist," Anna has previously achieved worldwide attention by flashing her underwear to commuters to raise awareness for upskirting laws in Russia.

Critics asked how she was helping counter the menace of upskirting by flashing her underwear.

She said: "I am a social activist who advocates for women’s rights and against discrimination in any form."

However, Russian news outlet Rosbalt claimed that her video was a sham and that she had used actors.

But the campaigning student flatly denied this.

"My action is absolutely real," she said, denying it was linked to an organization specializing in online stunts.

She admitted that no commuters had sued her so far.

"I don’t think people are going to go to the police to file a report about jeans," she said.

Hillary Clinton revealed last year that Vladimir Putin was guilty of the practice.

"Every time I met with him, it would be…(she gestured to show legs spread apart) the whole deal," she said.

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