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Judicial Watch Calls for Mueller Probe to Be 'Shut Down' Over Strzok-Page Texts

Tom Fitton says new anti Trump text messages prove investigation is 'corrupted'

 on 12th September 2018 @ 3.00pm
judicial watch s tom fitton says mueller investigation should be shut down over the new strzok page texts © press
Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton says Mueller investigation should be shut down over the new Strzok-Page texts

The President of Judicial Watch has called for Robert Mueller's "witch hunt" investigation to be "shut down" after newly-revealed text messages between fired FBI official Peter Strzok and former FBI attorney Lisa Page further highlight the anti-Trump bias at the FBI and Justice Department.

The political watchdog's president, Tom Fitton, described the texts, in which the former lovers discuss tactics to "stop Trump," as even more evidence that the Russia probe has been "corrupted."

In the newly emerged messages, two of the texts show the officials discussing a "media leak strategy" while Strzok was leading the Trump-Russia probe, in which the pair plot to leak damaging anti-Trump stories to the press.

"A 'media leak strategy' is just what it says, an 'insurance policy' is just what it says, when Strzok writes 'we'll stop' President Trump, everyone knows what that means," Fitton said on "Outnumbered Overtime."

judicial watch is calling of the  witch hunt  mueller probe to be  shut down © press
Judicial Watch is calling of the 'witch hunt' Mueller probe to be 'shut down'

Speaking during a Fox News interview, Fitton said Judicial Watch has been litigating against the FBI for 20 years and he's consistently seen from the bureau "arrogance, illegal secrecy and contempt for the rule of law."

"You had the leadership at the FBI who thought they could get away with illegally targeting a candidate for the president of the United States," Fitton said.

He said that type of bias was a problem when former FBI Director James Comey ran the bureau, and it was a problem before him under Robert Mueller, who is now leading the Russia probe as special counsel.

the latest strzok page text show further evidence of anti trump bias at the fbi and doj © press
The latest Strzok-Page text show further evidence of anti-Trump bias at the FBI and DoJ

Fitton pointed out that Comey was fired, Strzok was fired, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe was fired, and he thinks that Mueller should be next.

"We need to hold Mr. Mueller accountable for what went on here because these are the cops that made Mueller's case," Fitton said.

"And without Strzok, without Page, without this illicit activity related to the DNC dossier, without the illegal targeting of Carter Page, in my view, you wouldn't have a Mueller investigation."

He said Mueller's investigation has been "marred" and "corrupted" and it's time for it to be shut down.

Watch more in the video above.

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