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Filming of Fake Syrian 'Chemical Attack' Has Already Begun, Warns Russian MoD

Russia claims footage of staged attack is due to be handed to the press on Tuesday

 on 11th September 2018 @ 7.15pm
russia claims footage of a fake syrian chemical attack has already been filmed © press
Russia claims footage of a fake Syrian chemical attack has already been filmed

Russia's Ministry of Defense has warned that footage of a "false flag chemical attack" in Idlib, Syria has already been filmed and is due to be handed to the media before the end of Tuesday.

The Russian military claims the video of a staged attack was filmed this week and will be handed to global news outlets and is meant to serve as proof that the Syrian government has attacked citizens with chemical weapons.

Russian state media outlets have issued a simultaneous blitz of breaking alerts this morning, that anti-Assad insurgents in Idlib have already begun filming "fake footage of chemical attacks" based on Russian MoD statements.

The Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation says the "fake footage of chemical attacks" is due to be delivered to various TV channels and Western journalists on September 11, before the end of the day. 

According to Russia's Sputnik Newsbased on official Moscow sources:

According to the information received from inhabitants of Idlib province, militants are now filming a staged provocation in the city of Jisr al-Shugur, where "chemical weapons" are depicted as being used by the Syrian army against civilians. 

The film crews of several Middle Eastern TV channels arrived in Jisr al-Shugur in the morning, as well as the regional affiliate of one of the main American television news networks", the Reconciliation Center said.

filming of the fake chemical attack in syria has already begun  according to russian military © press
Filming of the fake chemical attack in Syria has already begun, according to Russian military

RT reports: Several Middle East TV channels and a US news channel have been sent to Jisr al-Shughur in Syria’s Idlib Governorate to produce the footage needed for the provocation, a statement by the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation said.

It added the intelligence came from local residents of Jisr al-Shughur.

"All the footage of the staged provocation in Jisr al-Shughur is to be delivered to the newsrooms of TV channels, which are to broadcast it after its publication on social media,” the statement claimed.

It also said that an Islamist group was provided with two canisters of a “chlorine-based chemical” for the purpose of the operation.

the aftermath of a previous chemical attack in syria © press
The aftermath of a previous chemical attack in Syria

The Russian military said the footage would include scenes of White Helmets operatives treating supposed victims of an apparent barrel bomb chemical weapon attack by Damascus.

Moscow has repeatedly warned that a false flag chemical weapon attack was being prepared in Idlib, giving the US and its allies justification to attack Syrian government forces.

Senior US officials have threatened Damascus with retaliation if it uses chemical weapons in Idlib and even preemptively assigned the blame for any such attack to the government.

Speaking at the UN Security Council meeting on Tuesday, Russia’s Ambassador Vassily Nebenzya, stressed that Damascus did not possess any chemical weaponry, to begin with.

Any incident with such weaponry would only benefit the militants, fighting Syria’s government.

“The false-flag attack by the adversaries of Damascus, who count on foreign armed support, is very possible. We have irrefutable evidence of preparations [for it],” the official stated.

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