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David Hogg Calls for Foreign Meddling in US Elections, Even Michael Moore Irked

Liberal activist demands Canadians 'turn their shame into a vote for Democrats'

 on 10th September 2018 @ 5.34pm
michael moore shook his head in embarrassment as david hogg called on canadians to vote © press
Michael Moore shook his head in embarrassment as David Hogg called on Canadians to vote

Liberal "activist" David Hogg made even the most hardened Democrats squirm this weekend when he called on Canadian citizens to meddle in US elections.

After a screening for Michael Moore's new Trump-bashing film "Fahrenheit 11/9" at the Toronto Film Festival, gun-grabber Hogg, along with fellow students from Parkland, Florida, was invited to the stage to "say a few words."

What proceeded was quite possibly one of the most uncomfortable 3 minutes you will ever find on YouTube.

After grabbing the mic from multi-millionaire filmmaker Moore, Hogg complained to the audience that convicts aren't able to vote in elections.

In what appeared to be a pre-prepared speech - most likely entitled, "The Ten Things I Hate Most About America" - Hogg proceeded to list off "facts" and statistics during an anti-American attack.

He then told the audience that they should turn the "shame" they feel for America into a vote in the upcoming US elections.


even michael moore was shaking his head at david hogg s unhinged america bashing © press
Even Michael Moore was shaking his head at David Hogg's unhinged America-bashing

After seizing the microphone, Hogg said to the crowd, “I have a question for you guys...

“Who’s ready to save America?”

The Canadian audience cheered.

“Who’s ready to make America the country we say it is on paper, and make it the actual country that it wants to be?” he asked.

Hogg criticized the laws that prevent convicts from voting in elections.

As Hogg ranted about what he saw as an injustice, someone yelled, “Shame!”

“Turn that shame into your vote,” he responded, adding, “if you’re not Canadian.”

“Um,” he continued, turning to Moore, “I think Canadians can donate to political campaigns in the United States.”

Moore shook his head in disagreement.

“They can’t?” Hogg asked.

“Well, uh, vote here,” he said, causing the audience to laugh at his best attempt at covering his ignorance.

“Learn from us,” he lectured the audience.

“Don’t let this happen here because we need to come to you guys if we stay on this track.”

Moore then took the mic away from him.

“So uh, no, they can’t give us money,” Moore told Hogg.

michael moore eventually took the microphone back from david hogg © press
Michael Moore eventually took the microphone back from David Hogg

According to the University of Kentucky Election Law Society:

The Federal Election Campaign Act states in unambiguous terms that any contribution by a foreign national to the campaign of an American candidate for any election, state or national, is illegal. Likewise, anyone who receives, solicits, or accepts these contributions also violates the statute. Foreign national, in this case, means anybody not a US citizen that doesn’t have a green card.

Hogg then tried to flip the subject with another pre-prepared bullet point he seems to be angry about by asking the IRS:

“If you’re watching on Facebook, why aren’t you auditing the President of the United States who likely got $30 million from Russia via the NRA?”

After his random question gauges little reaction from the crowd, he ping-pongs to another random point:

“We’re still at war in Afghanistan... What the hell?” he added.

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