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Trump: Media Lost Interest in Mollie Tibbetts When Illegal Immigrant Arrested

President slams liberal media for ignoring case after killer exposed as illegal alien

 on 26th August 2018 @ 12.00pm
trump says the media lost interest in the mollie tibbetts case after her killer was exposed as an illegal © press
Trump says the media lost interest in the Mollie Tibbetts case after her killer was exposed as an illegal

President Trump has slammed the biased liberal media for losing interest in the Mollie Tibbetts case as soon as her killer was exposed as an illegal immigrant and the story no longer fit in with their agenda.

Trump said that the mainstream media dropped reports on the missing Iowa college student when an illegal alien from Mexico was arrested after leading investigators to the 20-year-old’s dead body.

Tibbetts’ disappearance in mid-July made national headlines across the United States, with most media outlets reporting new developments every few days or so.

But the narrative quickly changed following the arrest of Christhian Rivera, a 24-year-old Mexican man who had entered the US illegally before allegedly murdering Tibbetts in cold blood, Trump said.

“Just this week we learned that Iowa authorities have charged an illegal alien in the murder of a college student—Mollie Tibbetts,” Trump told the crowd at a fundraising dinner for the Ohio Republican Party on Aug. 24, reported Breitbart.

mollie tibbetts was killed in cold blood after going missing on july 18 © press
Mollie Tibbetts was killed in cold blood after going missing on July 18

Epoch Times reports: Trump said that he was watching television several weeks ago when Tibbetts’s father was interviewed.

He father said he believed his daughter would come back alive, and Trump found himself agreeing with the man.

“When they found out that it was this horrible illegal immigrant that viciously killed her, all of a sudden that story went down. They [mainstream media] didn’t want to cover it the way it should be covered,” Trump said.

“But what happened to Mollie was a disgrace and our hearts go out. We mourn for Mollie’s family.”

A number of outlets seized on comments made by Rivera’s lawyer after the attorney claimed his client was in the country legally.

The attorney later admitted he didn’t know the facts surrounding Rivera’s immigration while federal immigration officials confirmed that there was no record of Rivera entering the country legally or applying for the controversial DACA program.

Trump also released a video standing outside the White House in which he addressed Tibbetts’s death, saying it was a failure of immigration laws.

illegal immigrant christhian rivera confessed to killing mollie tibbetts © press
Illegal Immigrant Christhian Rivera confessed to killing Mollie Tibbetts

“Mollie Tibbetts, an incredible young woman, is now permanently separated from her family.

"A person came in from Mexico, illegally, and killed her.

"We need the wall.

"We need our immigration laws changed.

"We need our border laws changed,” he said.

“We need Republicans to do it because Democrats aren’t going to do it.

"This is one instance of many.”

“Democrat immigration policies are destroying innocent lives and spilling very innocent blood,” Trump added on Friday in Ohio.

“We believe that any party that puts criminal aliens before American citizens should be out of office.”

Rivera’s Life

Rivera arrived in the United States at age 17, according to his lawyer.

Rivera began working at a farm in Iowa soon after he arrived and switched to Yarrabee Farms just outside Brooklyn when his former girlfriend and mother to his daughter connected him with the company.

Rivera used a fake ID and social security number to fool the owners of Yarrabee into believing he was a legal immigrant; the owners didn’t know his real name until he was arrested.

He told investigators that he was driving around one day—the car was either purchased under his fake name or borrowed from someone, investigators haven’t disclosed which publicly—when he spotted Tibbetts jogging, as she often did.

Rivera circled the block several times before pulling over, shutting off the engine, and exiting the vehicle.

He began jogging himself, chasing Tibbetts until he was running alongside her.

She saw him, grabbed her phone, and told him she was going to call the police.

“Rivera said he then panicked and got mad and that he then ‘blocked’ his ‘memory’ which is what he does when he gets very upset,” investigators stated.

He told investigators the next thing he knew, he was back in his car driving with Tibbetts’ body in his trunk.

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