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Illegal Immigrant Charged with Mollie Tibbetts' Murder Says She Rejected Him

Mexican alien living in US illegally, killed missing Iowa student after she rejected him

 on 22nd August 2018 @ 3.00pm
christian bahena rivera murdered mollie tibbetts after she rejected his advances © press
Christian Bahena-Rivera murdered Mollie Tibbetts after she rejected his advances

An illegal immigrant, who has been charged with first-degree murder for the death of Mollie Tibbetts, has admitted that he killed the missing Iowa student after she rejected his advances.

24-year-old Christian Bahena-Rivera has confessed to police that he murdered the 20-year-old college student who went missing on July 18th from her small town of Brooklyn, Iowa.

Police officials revealed that Tibbetts’ body was found in a cornfield in the rural area of central Iowa and that illegal alien Rivera has been charged with her murder, during a joint law enforcement press briefing on Tuesday.

Rivera, a Mexican national who has been living in the United States illegally for four to seven years, was caught when security camera footage revealed that he was the last person who saw Tibbetts out jogging on the evening of July 18 in her hometown, according to police.

20 year old mollie tibbetts went missing on july 18 while out jogging © press
20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts went missing on July 18 while out jogging

The migrant told investigators that Miss. Tibbetts was out jogging when he saw her.

He admitted to police that he followed her before trying to talk to her.

According to his confession, the illegal alien began jogging alongside her after she failed to respond to his advances.

Tibbetts, according to the immigrant’s story, said he needed to get away from her or she would call the police after he continued to run behind her.

After he ignored her requests, Tibbetts then started running away, at which point Rivera said he chased her down.

illegal immigrant christian bahena rivera killed mollie tibbetts after she rejected his advances © press
Illegal immigrant Christian Bahena-Rivera killed Mollie Tibbetts after she rejected his advances

According to police, Rivera claims he then "blacked-out" after chasing her and only remembers dumping her dead body in a cornfield in the Brooklyn area.

During the announcement, police say they only came into contact with the illegal alien on Tuesday - the day they discovered Mollie Tibbetts remains.

Police officials said that the security camera footage of Christian Bahena-Rivera was "critical" in charging him with the young student's murder.

Police have said they have yet to confirm the official motive that drove Rivera to abduct and kill Tibbetts after pursuing her.

“For whatever reason, he chose to abduct her,” an Iowa official said.

After he was arrested on murder charges, ICE lodged a detainer on Aug. 21 with the Poweshiek County Sheriff’s Office on Christian Bahena-Rivera, 24, an illegal alien from Mexico.

The Tibbetts family, who was visited by Vice President Mike Pence last week, has been notified of the discovery of Mollie’s body and the charges filed against the illegal immigrant for her death.

Mollie's father, Rob Tibbetts, confirmed to the media on Tuesday, ahead of the official police announcement, that his daughter's body had been found.

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