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Expert Exposes Liberals Who Blame West Coast Fires on 'Global Warming'

Forester Dr. Bob Zybach reveals the true cause of the wildfires

 on 12th August 2018 @ 8.00pm
the true cause of the west coast forest fires isn t  global warming  as liberals claim © press
The true cause of the West Coast forest fires isn't 'Global Warming' as liberals claim

An expert forester has slammed liberals who are blaming the recent West Coast forest fires on "Global Warming."

Dr. Bob Zybach, a veteran foresting expert has exposed the liberal "coffee shop" fear mongers who claim that "climate change" is behind the recent spate of wildfires in California.

The record-breaking infernos have impacted 600,000 acres, yet rather than trying to address the root cause of the fires, many see it as an opportunity to bash Trump.

According to Zybach, the theories about global warming causing the fires are nothing more than liberal propaganda.

forester dr  bob zybach says the fires have nothing to with global warming © press
Forester Dr. Bob Zybach says the fires have nothing to with global warming

Western Journal reports: One man does know the truth, and it all goes back to the Clintons, an owl, and some old trees.

In 1994, then-President Bill Clinton introduced a plan that would work twofold to save the majestic spotted owl AND ancient trees: Restricting logging in the old-growth forests. Bob Zybach knew that was a mistake.

A forester by trade, Zybach knew how ecosystems thrive, flourish, die and are reborn.

With no human management, any forester knows, Mother Nature will do the pruning herself. Instead of forestry saws and burn lines, nature likes things dramatic.

“We knew exactly what would happen if we just walked away,” Zybach told The Daily Caller.

Years of mismanagement have served to turn the forests into a ticking time bomb.

This has not always been the case, however.

Zybach said that Native Americans practiced human management of forests, starting controlled burns to clear pastureland and undergrowth for hunting.

Shortly after they were driven out and their practices stopped, the West Coast’s first rash of wildfires happened.

Now, these states are repeating the same mistakes their settler ancestors made.

“You take away logging, grazing, and maintenance, and you get firebombs,” Zybach said.

Although not strictly a “firebomb,” the wildfires are so violent that they have spawned a “firenado” from the sheer intensity of the heat.

the record breaking fires have impacted 600 000 acres on the west coast © press
The record breaking fires have impacted 600,000 acres on the West Coast

With record wildfires engulfing over 600,000 acres, Zybach’s prediction has played out in a deadly fashion.

While wildfires do happen across the country, poor management by western states has served to turn entire regions into tinderboxes.

By letting nature play out its course so close to civilization, this is the course California and Oregon have taken.

Many in heartland America and along the Eastern Seaboard often see logging and firelines if they travel to a rural area.

This is part and parcel of life outside of the city, where everyone knows that because of a few minor eyesores their houses and communities are safer from the primal fury of wildfires.

Across Oregon and California, 22 fires are running out of control on 762,000 acres of land.

It makes you wonder how the owls are doing.

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