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FBI Plane Makes Second Round Trip to Clinton Foundation HQ, Loaded with Boxes

DOJ & FBI 757 jet filled with evidence in Little Rock, flown back to Virginia - twice

 on 11th August 2018 @ 9.00pm
doj   fbi 757 jet has made two mysterious round trip to little rock loaded with boxes © press
DOJ & FBI 757 jet has made two mysterious round trip to Little Rock loaded with boxes

The Department of Justice and FBI's jet has been spotted making two mysterious round trips to the Clinton Foundation headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas, and leaving filled with boxes of documents.

According to reports, the plane has made two top-secret flights from Little Rock to Virginia this week with witnesses reportedly seeing DoJ employees loading the private airliner with evidence from the Clinton Foundation.

Local news reports that the Jumbo jet was "filled with evidence" for each trip.

Despite the interest on social media regarding the aircraft's stealth mission, the mainstream media appears silent on the matter.

the mainstream media is silent about the doj fbi jet making round trips to the clinton foundation © press
The mainstream media is silent about the DoJ/FBI jet making round trips to the Clinton Foundation

True Pundit reports: In early July, True Pundit reported FBI insiders complaining about Little Rock FBI’s lack of progress on the Clinton Foundation probe which they said was being hampered by a loyalist of Andrew McCabe and James Comey. 

Perhaps Little Rock has since been removed from the probe.

Per that exclusive report:

FBI officials in the Little Rock field office in Arkansas are not actively pursuing leads on the Clinton Foundation, according to several FBI insiders who are blowing the whistle on the bureau’s investigative ruse.

Everyone and their mother knows the Clinton Foundation is a front for personal and private gain, bending and breaking numerous state and federal laws for decades.

Except, apparently, the FBI.

little rock fbi   s special agent in charge diane upchurch is reported to be a mccabe loyalist © press
Little Rock FBI’s special agent in charge Diane Upchurch is reported to be a McCabe loyalist

Little Rock FBI’s special agent in charge Diane Upchurch has all but smothered the investigation which at one point was focusing on money laundering and other financial-based crimes, FBI officials said.

“There was some momentum but that is gone,” one FBI agent said.

“We made some huge inroads.

"This thing (Clinton Foundation probe) is on its deathbed.”

Upchurch, before taking the head job in Little Rock in 2016 after a James Comey promotion, was a lieutenant of former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe in Washington, D.C. She served as a section chief (SES) in the Counterterrorism Division for nearly three years.

Sources report Upchurch is a McCabe loyalist.

McCabe, who was promoted to assistant director of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division by then-Director Robert S. Mueller in 2012, was Upchurch’s supervisor.

McCabe and Comey have since been fired from the FBI.

But their legacy and influence live on.

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