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Democrats Drop Bill Clinton As Rape Accusations Resurface

Pressure from #MeToo movement groups concerned Clinton's abusive past

 on 9th August 2018 @ 8.00pm
pressure from  metoo movement groups concerned clinton s abusive past © press
Pressure from #MeToo movement groups concerned Clinton's abusive past

Bill Clinton is being thrown under the bus as the New Hampshire Democrat Party has refused to call its annual fall gala the “Kennedy-Clinton Dinner” because of pressure from #MeToo movement groups concerned over rape accusations against the former President.

Besides being concerned about Clinton's sexually abusive past, the state party also dumped Fitzgerald Kennedy from the annual event because of growing accusations of their sexually abusive pasts, according to the New York Post.

The fall gala has opted to rename the “Kennedy-Clinton Dinner” to Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner.

democrats drop bill clinton as rape accusations resurface © press

According to Breitbart: Despite the mounting criticism of both Clinton and Kennedy for their sexual history, State party chairman Raymond Buckley insisted that the abrupt theme change was not carried out for any particular reason.

“We are proud to honor Eleanor Roosevelt, a woman revered around the world for her bold leadership and tireless efforts to create justice,” Buckley said in a statement.

“She dedicated her life to helping all hard-working Americans and all those who needed a champion.”

The new name was chosen from a field of four names including, the “Victory Dinner,” the “Unity Dinner” and the “Democracy for All” dinner.

democrats drop bill clinton as rape accusations resurface © press

For the last two years, the theme of the event focused on the fact that New Hampshire was a key primary win for Bill “The Comeback Kid” Clinton to win the 1992 Democrat nomination for president.

But the former president’s past has come back to haunt him, at least in New Hampshire.

The newest name change is not the first time the state Democrats have re-named their fall gala. When the dinner was first introduced in 1991, it was called the “Jefferson-Jackson Dinner.”

That name lasted until activists forced the elimination of both former presidents because they were slave owners.

It then became the “Kennedy-Clinton Dinner,” and now activists have forced an end to that name, as well.

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