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George Soros Pushes for Facebook To 'Ban Anyone' Who Denies Global Warming

Media Matters push for ban on free speech on Facebook

 on 7th August 2018 @ 6.00pm
media matters push for ban on free speech on facebook © press
Media Matters push for ban on free speech on Facebook

The infamous George Soros-funded Media Matters activist group has taken it upon themselves to push Facebook to ban anyone who dares to question global warming.

Following Facebook's recent purge of alternative media pages, and now most recently Alex Jones, the fact that an outlet like Media Matter's is pushing for more censorship on free speech is quite worrying.

Last week, Neon Nettle reported that National Geographic photographer openly admitted that  'viral image' of a polar bear starving to death was fabricated fake news, saying, “We had lost control of the narrative."

It seems most social media platforms becoming a censorship farm, and if you run the risk of being banned from having an opinion on Climate Change, is it even worth being on the platform at all?

george soros pushes for facebook to  ban anyone  who denies global warming © press

According to Gateway Pundit:

Media Matters writes: Facebook, well-known as a breeding ground for misinformation, has a particular problem with disseminating false and misleading messages about climate change science.

The platform spreads climate-denying videos and other posts, hosts climate-denying ads, and officially partners with climate-denying media outlets and organizations.

Climate-denier videos get millions of views on Facebook

A recent video promoting false arguments against climate change science got more than 5 million views on Facebook, The Guardian‘s Dana Nuccitelli reported last week.

The video — posted in June by The Daily Signal, an arm of the right-wing Heritage Foundation — is titled “Why Climate Change Is Fake News.”

It features Marc Morano, a longtime spokesperson and blogger for the climate-denial cause, who outlines three things that “the left gets wrong about climate change.”

Nuccitelli points out that all three are common and easily debunked myths.

Nuccitelli notes that Facebook’s viewership numbers are likely inflated, but the video has still reached a lot of people:

Fortunately, the exposure to Morano’s misinformation video is not as bad as it seems at first blush.

george soros funded media matters activist group want to ban people who question climate change © press
George Soros funded Media Matters activist group want to ban people who question climate change

Although Facebook implies the video has been viewed over 5m times, a “view” is counted after just three seconds, and videos on the site play automatically.

Nevertheless, the video has been shared over 75,000 times, so it has certainly reached a wide audience.

Facebook needs to come to terms with the fact that there is an objective reality. 

Even if Marc Morano sincerely believes humans aren’t causing global warming, that belief is false, and by continuing to host his myth-filled video, Facebook is misinforming tens of thousands, perhaps even millions of its users.

As of this writing, the Daily Signal video has now been “viewed” 6.3 million times and shared 102,000 times.

Other denier videos get traction on Facebook as well…

…Combating fake news is key to combating climate change. As an editorial in the journal Nature Communications argued last year, “Successfully inoculating society against fake news is arguably essential” if major climate initiatives are to succeed.

Facebook could be a big part of the solution. But by kowtowing to conservatives, prioritizing profits over accuracy, and maintaining open-door policies toward misinformation, Facebook is entrenching itself as a major part of the problem.

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Facebook is heavily censoring information from independent sources.

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