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New FBI Docs Reveal Hillary Clinton Negotiated With DOJ Over 'Bleached' Server

Clinton's lawyers negotiated with the DOJ over Platte River Networks

 on 4th August 2018 @ 8.00pm
clinton s lawyers negotiated with the doj over platte river networks © press
Clinton's lawyers negotiated with the DOJ over Platte River Networks

New documents released by the FBI have revealed Hillary Clinton's lawyers negotiated with the DOJ over her “successor server” otherwise known as the Platte River Networks [PRN] server she famously 'bleached.'

Jordan Schachtel, a National Security reporter, went Hillary's released documents with a fine tooth comb and found that her lawyers negotiated with the DOJ and FBI over her “successor server.”

Jordan Schachtel then tweeted: Surprise! Hillary lawyers announce that there is a “successor server” that they can request access to.

The FBI isn't too thrilled with the new discovery

screenshots of foia   d fbi docs thanks to judicial watch   1st page © press
Screenshots of FOIA’d FBI docs Thanks to Judicial Watch: 1st page:

According to thegatewaypundit: FBI docs show a lot of back and forth between Hillary’s lawyers and DOJ over what the FBI could and could not see.

FBI has released new info on Hillary Clinton investigation. 

The most interesting thing I’ve seen thus far is timeline documenting back & forth between DOJ & Hillary’s lawyers over what they could & could not see.

A lot of negotiating! Was she hiding something?

Why is the FBI negotiating evidence?

Hillary Clinton’s attorney initially does not disclose the existence of the PRN server to the FBI.

2nd page © press
2nd page

These letters/docs show the negotiation of giving the FBI access. Why is the FBI negotiating evidence?

President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton sounded off.

FBI turns over more Clinton investigative file docs, thanks to @JudicialWatch lawsuit.

Includes pics of infamous Platte River Clinton server. Show Obama DOJ/FBI kowtowing to Clinton gang lawyers.

If you are associated with President Trump, the FBI seizes evidence with door-busting raids, but if your name is Hillary Clinton, you can apparently negotiate with the FBI about what evidence they can and cannot see.

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