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Peter Strzok's SEC Director Wife Blocked All FBI Investigations into Clintons

Melissa Hodgman intercepted all criminal proceedings against Clintons

 on 23rd July 2018 @ 3.00pm
peter strzok s wife  sec director melissa hodgman  blocked investigations into clintons © press
Peter Strzok's wife, SEC Director Melissa Hodgman, blocked investigations into Clintons

Just hours after FBI agents discovered Hillary Clinton's classified emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop, Peter Strzok's wife was promoted to the head of the SEC, and immediately blocked all criminal investigations into the Clintons.

Strzok's wife, Melissa Hodgman, was suddenly bumped up several paygrades to the powerful position of SEC Director shortly after the bombshell discovery was made.

Her very first task of duty was to halt all criminal proceedings against Bill and Hillary Clinton, according to reports.

FBI sources have now confirmed that Strzok and Hodgman were instrumental in helping the Clintons evade prosecution and preventing them from having to serve jail time for their numerous crimes.

Melissa Hodgman was promoted to deputy director of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Enforcement Division in the hours that followed Strzok and FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's debriefing about the Clinton emails found on Weiner’s computer.

peter strzok putting himself before his country during a congressional hearing © press
Peter Strzok putting himself before his country during a Congressional hearing

True Pundit reports: The FBI’s original warrant for Weiner’s laptop was issued in late September 2016 and a subsequent warrant was issued on Oct. 30, 2016, so that the FBI could use Huma Abedin’s & Hillary’s classified emails as evidence in the re-opened Clinton probe.

Hodgman was promoted Oct. 14, 2016, literally hours after investigators started to examine the laptop’s contents for Clinton emails and assorted files, federal sources confirm.

Federal sources said the FBI field office in New York, who handled the original Weiner warrant for then-US Attorney Preet Bharara, reported to Strzok and McCabe that they had found evidence pertaining to the Hillary Clinton email case on Oct. 12, 2016, federal sources said.

About 36 hours later, Hodgman was promoted in the SEC.

The Wall Street Journal’s reporting on the laptop case confirms the early October timeline divulged to True Pundit by FBI sources.

The latest development began in early October when New York-based FBI officials notified Andrew McCabe, the bureau’s second-in-command, that while investigating Mr. Weiner for possibly sending sexually charged messages to a teenage minor, they had recovered a laptop.

Many of the 650,000 emails on the computer, they said, were from the accounts of Ms. Abedin, according to people familiar with the matter.

Two weeks after Hodgman’s appointment, the FBI secured a subsequent search warrant to use Hillary and Huma emails from the 650,000 warehoused on the computer as evidence.

Strzok has been a lightning rod of controversy recently.

He also was a key player in U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of President Donald Trump and Russia.

But Strzok was kicked off that team after texts were uncovered between himself and FBI’s Lisa Page that were malicious to Trump, Trump’s family members, and conservatives in general.

Over 10,000 texts between the duo paint a collective picture of two partisan liberals who supported Hillary Clinton – at the same time Strzok was supposed to be investigating Clinton as part of an allegedly sweeping criminal probe.

Strzok and Page also were having an extramarital affair.

Both are married.

Now it is discovered Strzok’s wife was promoted to a very powerful position in the SEC, with oversight of which securities and financial crime cases get forwarded to the FBI, DOJ for prosecution.

Perhaps Hodgman’s promotion was merely happenstance?

“There are no coincidences here,” one FBI source told True Pundit.

“Not with this crew. 

"They wanted his wife in that SEC slot for a reason.”

But why?

Enter the Clinton Foundation.

ex fbi lawyer lisa page has blown the whistle on a  witch hunt  against trump © press
Ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page has blown the whistle on a 'witch hunt' against Trump

We now know what the FBI knew after they seized the laptop during a search warrant at Weiner and Huma Abedin’s Manhattan residence: There were thousands of documents on the laptop related to the Clinton Foundation, including offshore financial records.

With that evidence – as well as thousands more of classified emails linked to Hillary on the laptop – FBI sources said agents and brass knew immediately the Bureau would likely reopen the criminal case against Clinton.

And ex-Director James Comey did just that two weeks later.

Hence the rush to get an insurance policy in place at the SEC in case things heated up on the white-collar crime side.

With Hodgman at the SEC and Strzok at the FBI, it would be virtually impossible to even know what cases linked to the Clinton Foundation had criminal merit, if each were trying to keep all things Clinton-related quiet.

But Charles Ortel, an expert on the financial dealings and filings of the Clinton Foundation believes having chess pieces in place at the SEC and FBI were only a smaller part of a much larger game for the Clintons.

“The Clinton 'business plan' to monetize government is broader than simply gaming one agency – they saw an opportunity to create unregulated globalist government and seeded many organizations with like-minded persons, some of whom were simply naive, but all of whom ultimately are corrupt,” Ortel said.

Ortel, a private investor and writer who exposes large complex international frauds, understands the labyrinth of the Clinton Foundation’s international scams.

And while the foundation itself is not a public company which would fall under the SEC’s regulatory umbrella, its finances remain entwined with dozens of public entities that do.

Ortel has laid out many of these relationships on CrowdSource the Truth on YouTube every Sunday, dissecting the complex financial schemes of the Clinton Foundation.

Ortel said having a hook inside the SEC would certainly benefit Hillary Clinton.

“The SEC is a civil agency that only prosecutes criminal cases in concert with the DOJ,” Ortel said.

“It is a prime instrument that can be monetized readily – lawyers there typically migrate to jobs as partners in uni-party law firms, so they can, it seems, be managed to favor politically connected donors from both parties.”

This amounts to a very sophisticated white-collar protection racket of sorts.

If there were illicit contributions to the Clinton Foundation from publicly-traded entities in any country – even companies listed on foreign stock exchanges – the SEC still wields a tremendous amount of power to sanction, sue, or refer criminality to the FBI.

And what about if a prospective donor to the Clinton Foundation has an ongoing problem with the SEC? Or the SEC has frozen certain assets of a donor.

The Clintons have the juice to make all that go away or to protect donors from the SEC and FBI oversight and essentially “fix” problems of their billionaire and millionaire benefactors and further rig the system.

“The IRS (Lois Lerner and others) is the prime place where the Clintons (and Obamas, and Bushes) need allies to insulate their 'foundations' from attention, and using the DOJ and state AGs from prosecutions,” Ortel said.

A modern-day mafia.

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