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Blood Moon and Mars Approach Set To Trigger 'Biblical Event' Experts Say

On July 27, the blood moon will appear at the same time Mars

 on 19th July 2018 @ 9.00pm
on july 27  the blood moon will appear at the same time mars © press
On July 27, the blood moon will appear at the same time Mars

The upcoming blood moon which is due to appear in close conjunction with the close passing of Mars could trigger several 'biblical events,' including the rapture, according to Christian astrology experts. 

On July 27, the blood moon will appear at the same time Mars is visible in the night sky.

The two events have attracted lots of interest from Christian astrologists who claim it could be a sign of very big changes on planet earth.

Blue moons and lunar eclipses come and go, but the arrival of the "Super Blue Blood Moon" heralds chilling biblical signs for many.

blood moon and mars approach set to trigger  biblical event  experts say © press

According to the express: Christians often point to the Bible passage, The Book of Acts Chapter 2, which reads:

“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord come.”

However, one blogger believes it does not necessarily mean the apocalypse, but it could be a plethora of things.

The blogger, who gives his name as just Gary, was asked the question: “Do you think it is of note that Mars (Red Dragon, War Planet) aligns with this blood moon on July 27 as well?”.

Gary responded:

“It could represent the coming war on Israel, the antichrist briefly outshining Christ in the world after the rapture, or perhaps Michael the archangel ‘standing up’ in preparation to battle the devil.”

However, scientists have given a more simple explanation for the blood moon.

blood moon and mars approach set to trigger  biblical event  experts say © press

The blood moon is technically an eclipse, and the moon takes on a red tinge when it passes through the shadow cast by Earth.

Stunning moment Super Blue Blood moon rises over Greece
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This bizarre effect is known as ‘Rayleigh scattering’, which filters out bands of green and violet light in the atmosphere during an eclipse leaving just a red glow.

As for Mars – it is merely a coincidence that it is close at the same time because it is in “opposition”.

In astronomy, planetary opposition occurs when two heavenly bodies align on opposite sides of the celestial sphere, typically as seen from Earth.

Opposition is usually also marked by a planet being at its closest orbital point to Earth.

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