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Ex-FBI Lawyer: China Hacked DNC Emails, Not Russia - Top Democrats Covered it Up

Lisa Page throws bosses and top officials under the bus during Congressional testimony

 on 19th July 2018 @ 12.00am
lisa page exposed bosses and top officials during her testimony © press
Lisa Page exposed bosses and top officials during her testimony

The FBI's former top lawyer has thrown major Bureau officials under the bus along with high-level Democrats during her House testimony, it has been revealed.

During two days of closed-door House hearings, the ex-leading FBI attorney dropped bombshell intel exposing a cover-up in the highest reaches of politics and law enforcement.

According to Page, investigators discovered that China was behind the hacking of Hillary Clinton's "missing emails," and not Russian agents as was reported.

Under sworn testimony during the Congressional hearing, Page revealed that the FBI covered-up evidence proving Chinese agents were behind the data breach to instead push the "Russian hacking" narrative at the request of key figures within the Democratic party.

ex fbi lawyer threw top democrat and fbi officials under the bus  exposing mass cover up © press
Ex-FBI lawyer threw top Democrat and FBI officials under the bus, exposing mass-cover-up

True Pundit reports: Alarming new details on allegations of a bureau-wide cover up.

Or should we say another bureau-wide cover up?

The embattled Page tossed James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and Bill Priestap among others under the Congressional bus, alleging the upper echelons of the FBI concealed intelligence confirming Chinese state-backed ‘assets’ had illegally acquired former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 30,000+ “missing” emails, federal sources said.

The Russians didn’t do it. The Chinese did, according to well-placed FBI sources.

And while Democratic lawmakers and the mainstream media prop up Russia as America’s boogeyman, it was the ironically Chinese who acquired Hillary’s treasure trove of classified and top secret intelligence from her home-brewed private server.

lisa page sold out fbi agent peter strzok for covering up evidence © press
Lisa Page sold-out FBI agent Peter Strzok for covering-up evidence

And a public revelation of that magnitude — publicizing that a communist world power intercepted Hillary’s sensitive and top secret emails — would have derailed Hillary Clinton’s presidential hopes.


But it didn’t simply because it was concealed.

FBI bosses knew of the breach yet did nothing to investigate, seemingly trying to run out the clock on the alarming revelations to protect Hillary during her heated presidential campaign with Trump.

So instead of investigating the hacking of Clinton’s server, FBI bosses sat quietly.

And did nothing to confirm the Chinese assets were linked to their government. Or assess the damage such a tremendous breach posed to national security.

Did the Chinese government access Hillary’s emails?

The FBI didn’t care enough to investigate at the risk of besmirching Clinton and further soiling her during the election.

Hundreds of top secret documents and even the president’s daily travel and security itineraries were on that server — and intercepted by a communist country — yet the FBI sat on the evidence. Likewise, all of Clinton’s and her inner circle’s outgoing emails were compromised as well, sources confirmed. 

Even the Inspector General had tipped off the FBI — specifically Strzok — about the foreign breach. Still, no timely case was pursued.

That same cover-up pattern fits FBI bosses who time after time stalled and concealed other criminal intelligence on Clinton in the weeks prior to the election.

We could write more detail here and ramble on and on but at this point, we simply ask.

Is anyone going to go to prison for politicizing the FBI and covering up countless crimes committed by FBI personnel in a variety of coordinated schemes to protect Hillary and the Democrats?

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