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Leading Anti-Vaccine Activist Found 'Murdered by Big Pharma Elites'

Erwin Alber found dead: Investigators believe he was killed by 'powerful enemies'

 on 25th June 2018 @ 7.00pm
prominent anti vaccine activist erwin alber has been found murdered © press
Prominent anti-vaccine activist Erwin Alber has been found murdered

The world's most prominent anti-vaccine activist has been found tragically murdered in his home.

Investigators have stated that Erwin Alber was killed in "suspicious circumstances," with his death connected to his political views and his influence in the growing anti-vaxx community.

Alber founded VINE (Vaccination Information Network) which was made up of leading anti-Big Pharma figures from around the world.

Other members of the group say Mr. Alber was murdered by "powerful elites" in large pharmaceutical companies after he'd ruffled their feathers by exposing the dangers of their products.

The surviving members of the VINE team have set up a Go Fund Me to raise funds for funeral costs and hope to launch an independent investigation to expose the killers behind the death of the much loved anti-vaccination proponent.

According to a statement from his team, social media giants we're already trying to silence his message and shut down his accounts shortly before his death, saying:

"Erwin started the Vaccination Information Network (VINE) in 1988 and the VINE Facebook page in 2009, which over the past decade has grown to be the largest anti-vaccination page in the world, with around 150,000 followers.

"The VINE Youtube channel, which was unfortunately shut down over a year ago by Youtube, without explanation (a little bit too much truth was being told for their liking), had around 70,000 followers, with Erwin also being responsible for making the most viewed vaccination video of all time, which was nearing 100 million views.

"Erwin’s impact and legacy is profound, as he made a huge positive impact on the lives of so many people across the world.

"Considering the numbers above, there is no doubt Erwin was able to deliver crucial vaccination information to people numbering well into the millions."

erwin alber was murdered for his views on big pharma  according to investigators © press
Erwin Alber was murdered for his views on Big Pharma, according to investigators

His sudden death has left a massive hole in the vaccination truth community, but also came as an unexpected shock for his family, including his children, and wife Arunee, who he lived with, in Thailand.

Sadly, Mr. Alber's death is one of the many independent voices to be silenced recently.

As Facebook and Google wage a censorship war in the media, while only promoting the mainstream "official" narratives, scientists and doctors who go against the grain of conventional medicine are dropping like flies in unprecedented numbers.

Erwin Alber was an influential figure in the fight against dangerous drugs being pushed by the pharmaceutical industry for profit, and his passion and tireless work to warn the public of these dangers has, unfortunately, cost him his life.

In a public post from the VINE team on their Facebook page, they made the following statement:

erwin alber s work to warn the public of the dangers of vaccines cost him his life © press
Erwin Alber's work to warn the public of the dangers of vaccines cost him his life


Now that the initial and customary mourning period has passed I feel compelled to speak out the words that I believe many have quietly shoved to the back of their minds!

First, I knew Erwin Alber for 27 years. Erwin Alber was a friend of mine. I spoke with him at length just seven days before he died.

Erwin courageously spoke truth to power no matter who got their feathers ruffled. He had integrity, was a very capable debater, and was completely unafraid to take on ANYONE!

And he did so with admirable regularity and zeal -doctors, lawyers, professors, government officials, newspaper editors -you name it!

It is my firm opinion that perhaps this set of impressive qualities, along with the massive megaphone he founded known as VINE (vaccination information network), could have put him squarely in the bullseye of (to use his own words) "psychopaths" in high places.

While thousands in the anti-vaxx community may have loved his forthright honesty, it would be untruthful to deny that just as many in the government, medical, and pharmaceutical world's hated him just as intensely.

If you doubt this, just google the man's name and read the long litany of unkind and untruthful words uttered by his many detractors.

In short, Erwin Alber had enemies -powerful enemies!

But unlike the rest of us in the anti-vaxx community, he also had control over a mammoth online anti-pharmaceutical industry machine with global reach.

Unlike the rest of us, this made him not only a human lightning rod but a target.

He was a squeaky wheel with a very loud voice and a gigantic audience.

Erwin Alber was VINE. And VINE was by any estimate, the largest and most successful anti-vaccine / pro-informed choice information site in the world, sometimes getting upwards of 150,000 likes on Facebook in a single month!!

That's a behemoth! A real force to be reckoned with.

And maybe, just maybe the powers that be wanted that voice crushed into silence once and for all.

In criminal justice jargon what we are discussing here is "motive," "means," and "opportunity."

Was there motive? You bet. Tons of it!

There were undeniably powerful interests threatened by Erwin Alber, with hundreds of millions of dollars hanging in the balance.

These same people also stood to benefit enormously by the removal of such a formidable voice from the vaccine debate.

So "motive"? Check.

Next is "means." This term refers to the financial power to get things done.

So now ask yourself this -does the government, the doctor's lobby, or pharmaceutical giants have any shortage of cash?

Of course not! They are for all practical purposes a virtual printing press -a money generating factory!

Without any doubt, if they so desired, they could easily come up with the financial "means." Check.

And the final required leg is "opportunity."

Erwin lived in a remote area of Thailand. His wife was three hours away in Bangkok when neighbors unexpectedly discovered his body -with a HEAD INJURY.

So does distance, remoteness, or isolation provide a window for malevolence -an "Opportunity?" It sure can. Check.

Now although it was widely reported Erwin Alber died of a heart attack, he mentioned nothing about chest pains or health issues when I conversed with him only days before his death.

Additionally, there is photographic evidence, which I have seen, that demonstrates he also suffered a significant head injury around the time of his death.

Remember this was a high profile, extremely outspoken activist who lived and breathed EVERY day for the past three decades with a single, laser-like focus on his mind -to tear down doctors, the drug giants, and the government. He was a deeply committed man, and he was excellent at what he did.

So there was undoubtedly motive, means, and opportunity.

There was also a head injury, yet we are told the cause of death was a heart attack.

Now is it possible a person could suffer a heart attack and then bang their head? Absolutely.

But considering who he was, shouldn't there be a proper and thorough police investigation to rule out any possibility of foul play?

Once again, I have seen photographic evidence of Erwin laid to rest a mere two days after his death.

A couple of days by any standard is insufficient time for police agencies and medical experts, even in a first world country, to conduct a thorough investigation and determine with any reasonable expectation of accuracy, the absence or presence of foul play.

To my knowledge, none of this happened.

Thus I conclude, there is a possibility, some might even argue a pretty high probability, that Erwin Alber was just murdered.

There is at the very least, reasonable and legitimate cause for suspicion.

An official investigation into this possibility should be opened immediately and the conclusions made publicly available.

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